Elizabeth Warren Has McHenry County Supporters

The Woodstock Women’s March last July 23 featured a banner playing off U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s trademark.

A banner bearing the words describing U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s behavior in the Senate after being told her time was up.

This was not the first indication of support for her candidacy for President.

There was a pro-Trump rally in early March.

Former McHenry County Congressman Joe Walsh warned Trump supporters not to ignore those demonstrating on the sidewalks around the Woodstock Square.

That was where former Congressman Joe Walsh accurately predicted that the energy demonstrated by anti-Trump marchers on the sidewalks around the Square had the intensity of the 2007 Tea Party demonstrators.

“These protesters are real and they’re every bit  [as angry as we were in 2007],” he said.

“If our side does the same thing and sit on [our] back sides while they march around the Square, Host continued.[they will win],” the WIND Talk Show Host continued.
Here are some photos from the March demonstration of Elizabeth Warren supporters:

“That’s what she said” is the message on the blue tee shirt.  The woman behind used the side of a box for her homemade sign: “History has its eyes on you.”

I’m sure there were more pictures, but they did not get published.

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One comment about Warren’s DNA test.

When we did ours, there was a note saying that anything under 1% was noise and should not be considered relevant to one’s ancestry.


Elizabeth Warren Has McHenry County Supporters — 27 Comments

  1. She used her bogus claim of native american heritage to gain preference in jobs/appointments. Her rhetoric is hollow. She is a phony. Not surprising that she was elected to the Senate in the State that many times voted for another phony and fraud who let a girl friend drown when he drove off of a bridge.

  2. Absolutely, Bred winner!.

    yeah she has supporters, blind Democrats.

  3. Congressional oversight of DJT starts this week.

    Tic. Tock.

  4. **That’s how I interpret, “That’s what’s she said.”**

    Huh? What does that have to do with Elizabeth Warren?

  5. Sigh…

    Cal, you’re making things up. Yes, the “she persisted” was used a rallying cry. But no, that doesn’t mean that anyone that carries a sign that has a related slogan is a Warren supporter.

  6. I’ve heard the conclusion that she used Native American status for gain, but no evidence or specifics to back it up.

    Anyone have any?

  7. Actually, we righties are delighted at the prospect that the Dems might nominate a hard left moonbat for Prez in 2020.

    It would be 1972 all over again.

  8. Elisabeth Warren has as much American Indian DNA as Jack Franks & Mike Madigan.

    You know, the Bernie Babies will have so much to say in the Presidential campaign about E. Warren,
    along with the >20 other liberal twits that will decide to throw their hat into the ring.


    (How about a POTUS from the Midwest?) The east coast folks seem to be not so great.

  9. That’s correct Joe Blowhard, we fear for what people like you and your Leftist masters are
    doing to our wonderful country.

    Elizabeth Warren lies by using cultural appropriation of Native American’s heritage for her own gain
    and yet nothing is said by your Leftist masters for doing so.

    Proving once again that hypocrisy is their calling card.

    BTW, you have no God other than the Left and that is nothing to be proud of.

  10. In the immortal words of Casey Stengel: “Predictions are hard, especially about the future”.

    Having said that, I predict big trouble for the GOP across the length and breadth of America in 2020.

    Tic. Tock. all over again.

  11. First Obama now Warren, provide further proof when your really crappy and inept at doing something, just tell everyone your running for President.

  12. Cherokee Liz is a phony. A fraud. Per media/newspaper accounts, she had listed herself as Native American in staff directories of colleges where she worked. Then, in 2018 she submitted to a DNA test that showed she was as little as 1/1024th Native American heritage and at most 1/64th. She is immensely more of another or other derivation(s) such as Caucasian than Native American.

    Liz also was the author of the narrative that successful business leaders and business owners did not really build those businesses. She claimed that somebody else made that happen. She convinced a President, Obama, of this nonsense and he used that narrative back in 2012.

    If she runs in the 2020 primaries, and Democrat voters are dumb enough to elect her, then the Democratic Party will have picked the two worst presidential candidates of all time in U.S. history in succession.

  13. Left wingers and liberals now have the rationale to emulate Liz by claiming anything they want even if the overwhelming evidence does not support it. Liz claimed Native American heritage with at best 1/64th lineage proof and at worst 1/1024th lineage proof.

    As an example, followers of Liz and the Democratic Party can now embellish their college bachelor degree to their advantage. So, a person can state that he or she was an “A” student in college even if they only received one “A” in four years of 40 college courses wherein the actual grades for the other 39 courses was a “C”.

  14. Of course she does.

    She’s ‘Bernie Sanders’ supposedly with a vagina so their angle is that she’ll get his votes plus Hillary Clinton’s votes.

    I can’t wait to see Fauxcahontas try to go up against Trump.

  15. Donald Trump is going to be so damaged by two years of investigations and indictments by 2020 that the Democrats can pick someone out of the phone book to beat him.

  16. Thanks for the reference, Cal.

    She clearly lied about Native American ancestry.

    That much was clear from her own test result.

    I have not seen backup to the claim often heard, repeated in the first comment above, that she attained jobs or appointments that way.

    I don’t know what she taught at Harvard, for example.

    If she headed up minority faculty positions, then it looks more like she was hired as a Native American.

    No one from Harvard has spoken up, have they?

  17. In coming days, this will be picked apart by her own opponents in her party, as well as by Republican investigators.

    If she used lies about ancestry to gain jobs, I think most people would see that as more serious than cocktail party lies about one’s accomplishments.

    She is a lawyer.

    Did she claim Native American status on her application for admission to whatever bars she’s applied to?

    If so, those bar applications are under oath, which means perjury.

  18. As I thought, the claws are out for Bernie::

    #MeToo Comes For Bernie: Sanders Campaign Ignored Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Rumors and suspicions about endemic and pervasive sexism during the Bernie Sanders’ 2016 primary campaign have been circulating almost since he first emerged as a credible threat to Hillary Clinton (rumors that Clinton staffers have admitted they helped to fan to try and undermine Sanders’ upstart challenge). But just as Sanders and a handful of other potential Democratic 2020 contenders are preparing to make their final decisions about whether to run for the nomination in 2020, it appears the #MeToo movement has finally come for Sanders and his legion of “BernieBros”.

    In an expansive expose that included on-the-record comments with a handful of former female Sanders’ campaign staffers, the New York Times portrayed the Sanders campaign as a boys club where complaints about sexual harassment were largely ignored or not taken seriously, and where male employees were regularly paid more than their female counterparts.

    Some of the women who worked on Sanders campaign have reportedly taken to a Facebook group where they have been sharing their stories, and all are demanding that, should Sanders choose to again seek the Democratic nomination in 2020, that he must ensure that these issues are addressed – or some of the financial backers and delegates who supported his campaign won’t be returning.

    According to the Times, the complaints have raised questions about whether Sanders is capable of adequately fighting for the interests of women.

    At the start of its story, the Times shared an anecdote where one regional Latino outreach strategist complained to her boss that she had been harassed by a Sanders campaign surrogate. But instead of taking her complain seriously, the director responded with a snide remark, and promptly dismissed her claims.

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