Bills Sponsored by Senator Karen McConnaughay That Became Law January 1, 2019

Karen McConnaughay

The following legislation guided through the Illinois State Senate by Karen McConnaughay took effect on January 1, 2019:

House Bill 4476 (B. Stewart) – Makes various changes to the Vehicle Code and removes the requirement that a driver sign a citation when cited for a petty offense.

HB 5057 (M. Evans) – Amends a section of the Vehicle Code regarding overweight permits.

HB 5206 (M. McDermed) – Allows IDOT to lease locomotives, passenger railcars, and other rolling stock equipment to any state or state agency, public or private entity or quasi-public entities.

Senate Bill 2311 (T. Butler) – Requires that additional vehicle back-up lights emit a white or amber light.

SB 2808 (T. Demmer) – Cleans up language to the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Services Act.

SB 2907 (B. Wheeler) – Allows agencies and entities currently authorized by law to conduct or obtain national criminal history background checks on individuals to participate in the FBI’s Federal Rap Back Service.

SB 3028 M. McDermed() – Removes a section of the Vehicle Code that requires paper applications to be submitted for overweight IDOT permits.

SB 3134 (D. Olsen) – Creates flood control commission to study flooding in collar counties.

SB 2063 (P. Bullock) – Allows a victim of sex trafficking and involuntary servitude to bring a civil action against a person who pleads guilty to or is convicted of his/her trafficking, to recoveractual sustained damages, court costs, and punitive damages determined by the court.

McConnaughay resigned and was replaced by State Senator Don DeWitte.


Bills Sponsored by Senator Karen McConnaughay That Became Law January 1, 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. I see they still haven’t passed a law, allowing me to chase Millennial garbage baby’s, in the aisles of Whole Foods with a chainsaw.

  2. Glad this jerk is gone.

    Good riddance to this RINO who reintroduced a vetoed bill to give Democrat County Board Chairman Franks more power.


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