Franks: “It’s Much Ado about Nothing”

That’s what the Northwest Herald is reporting Jack Franks says about being named in court by Breaker Press President Richard Lewandowski as being thought to be involved with the defamatory GOP Primary Election postcards mailed by the Illinois Integrity Fund.

Joe Tirio is not so sure.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”


Franks: “It’s Much Ado about Nothing” — 16 Comments

  1. After weeks that’s all he could come up with?

    The Herald knows Franks lied the first time when they asked him if he knew who was involved.

    It was a dead give-away when he praised those behind the defaming mailers.

    Now the Herald knows Franks has been named and this is all he can say.

    A cagey response.

    Probably per his lawyer.

    (Ya know the $2000 per hr lawyer.)

    Good advice there, Sparky.

    Wonder If the Herald would have news seeking/investigative reporters, what Franks would say about Ed Burke, his Fundraising Host and Contributor that’s just been charged with corruption?

    The news today said that the feds found 23 guns in his office!!

    DemonRats believe in gun control for everyone else but them!

    What was he going to do with all those guns???

  2. Maybe Jack can get Ed Burke to do an ethics presentation.

    Jacko-Integrity isn’t what you do when people are watching, it is what you do when people aren’t watching.

    So much for the integrity in the Illinois Integrity fund.

    “It’s much ado about nothing.”

    Then why are you hiding in the shadows?

    Why not own it from the beginning?


  3. Franks did have fishing buddy Jesse White come speak to the County Board.

  4. Non-denial denial
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A non-denial denial is a statement that, at first hearing, seems a direct, clearcut and unambiguous denial of some alleged accusation, but on carefully parsing turns out not to be a denial at all, and is thus not explicitly untruthful if the allegation is in fact correct. It is a case in which words that are literally true are used to convey a false impression; analysis of whether or when such behavior constitutes lying is a long-standing issue in ethics. London’s newspaper The Sunday Times has defined it as “an on-the-record statement, usually made by a politician, repudiating a journalist’s story, but in such a way as to leave open the possibility that it is actually true”.[1]

  5. Burke needs those guns for his protection!

    After the city cut his permanent police detail from 5 officers 24/7 to just 1 officer 24/7 he’s in great danger.

    Forget the BS reason he was given police protection decades ago (yes, he’s had them for DECADES) but it was some BS reason like a possible death threat.

    Sound familiar?

    Jacko may have learned of it on a fishing trip, or maybe in a telephone call.

    Take note that the eavesdropping was up and running well before the subject matter of this criminal complaint came into play.

    Lots of phone calls with lots of people.

    This complaint is merely the opening act of yet another shit show from the Chicago Democrats.

  6. I bet that if the FBI asks Mr. Franks what he knows about campaign money he received from the Burke/Madigan campaign $$$ fund it will become much ado about possible incarceration.

  7. Yeah. Cal, and when Jack Franks had Jessie White out to speak to the board he said ‘“Jack, Master of all you survey.” was the phrase he used.

    Made me sick to my stomach because I realized we weren’t up against just Boss Hog, but half the Springfield swamp as well.

  8. I just saw on NBC that Ed Burke’s wife the Illinois state supreme court justice is being investigated for money given to Toni (sensible shoes) Preckwinkles campaign fund.

    Can a Illinois state Supreme justice do that, legally?

    The plot thickens.

  9. Paul Revere, what about Lauren Underwood, she is now Jack’s Congresswoman, did Jack and Ed Burke both help her get elected with expensive tv ads full of lies, how much was she paid?

  10. This racist blog needs to be shut down once and for all! Hate speech is not protected under the Consitution!

    Lauren Underwood deserves praise not fake innuendos. They’re mad because a black woman of color is now their congresswoman. Demographic change is coming, losers. Get used to it.

    Impeachment is coming, too.

  11. UnderwoodNow, did someone here hit a nerve? Do tell, where is one racist comment? The same people on this blog that you’re calling “racists” just demand answers and accountability for Underwoods questionable antics. Those same people support these black politicians:
    Chuck Wheeler
    Allen West
    Herman Cain
    Ben Carson
    Frederick Douglas
    Alan Keyes
    Condi Rice
    Clarence Thomas
    Sheryl (NOT LAUREN) Underwood

    So your comments are biased. Your favorite candidate lied, and is just another bought and paid for unqualified candidate who is also under investigation for voter fraud!

    You are emotional, incorrect, and you clearly base your defense on irrational ‘feelings’ and hyperbole so you are discredited (along with your favorite candidate.)

  12. ‘Mr. I love stupid criminals’ you must, then, love Trump!

    Why don’t you racists just leave Illinois and head to Tennesee.

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