Huntley Library Seeks Voter Approval for $12.9 Million Bond Issue

The Huntley Library District made its presence known at 2016 Business Expo.

The Huntley Area Library Board wants to sell $12.9 million in twenty year bonds to renovate and expand the library.

They also plan to spend $400,000 they have on hand for the project.

The existing library is 17,000 square feet.

The proposed reconfiguration is an estimated 31,800 square feet.

The bond issuance would require a referendum.

If you divide $13.3 million by 31,800 square feet, the total cost is $418 per square foot, and less than half of that is new build.

Commercial construction costs about $125 per square foot while renovation is often half of that.

No explanation has been given by the District as to why the cost is so high.

According to the resolution for the project, the library district has determined that the existing 17,000-square-foot building is “inadequate to meet the projected needs of the district”.

Figures from the Library District show that

  • utilization of the building reached its maximum in 2012 and has declined 30% since then
  • the number of card holders has declined by 23% from the maximum, and
  • check-outs have declined by 23%

In 2017, almost 30% of the physical items checked out of the library were DVDs.

DVD circulation has declined 35% from the peak in 2013.

No explanation has been given by the District about why they need a new library twice as big as the existing library when utilization is down dramatically with no reason to expect the trend to stop.

A public meeting of the board to discuss the financing of the project is set for 5:00 p.m. on January 10, 2019.

At that meeting, the board is is also scheduled to vote on whether to put the bonds for the referendum on the ballot for the consolidated election in April.


Huntley Library Seeks Voter Approval for $12.9 Million Bond Issue — 10 Comments

  1. I hope the good People in Huntley are smarter than the dumb Harvardonians.(just made up that word)…

    20 years ago..

    Harvard a new library, the old one was fine but what do I know?…

    a 20 year Bond was started…

    a new Library was built …

    then the bond was paid off and the Democratic thinking that predominates our City hall..told every one that as long as you are “used” to paying the extra tax, why not keep paying it because we could use the money for other things.

    Like Park beautification and these dumb F’s bought into that…

    this is so reminiscence of the TollWay which has been paid of for at least 50 years …

  2. It would seem $400,000 would be ample for any repairs.

    To ask for more money considering the numbers above is beyond ludicrous.

  3. Another Library whose main business seems to be competing with Netflix and RedBox lending DVDs of the latest movie hits.

    How does that serve the public?

  4. Illinois has more library employees per capita than any other State.

    Illinois has the highest paid library employees in the country.

    Library employees get pensions too!

    Bill is absolutely correct.

    Wake up taxpayers!

  5. Enough with the libraries.

    They’ll practically be obsolete in the near future!

  6. “They’ll practically be obsolete in the near future!”

    But the pensions for the employees will be funded by your grandchildren.

  7. Many years ago, before VCRs, DVDs and personal computers, libraries did not pay admission tickets for people to watch movies at movie theaters.

    Every person and household paid for that entertainment from their own budget.

    How can any library district justify using taxpayer money to provide DVD movie entertainment to people?

  8. “How can any library district justify using taxpayer money to provide DVD movie entertainment to people?”

    Simple: They just do it and not enough taxpayers complain.

    Just like Townships / Cities / Park Districts and now Schools have food banks and recycle centers and bingo games and unnecessary bus services and on and on and on.

    Saw a news item last night where schools received state grants for in-house libraries!!

    ENOUGH already!!!

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