CL Council Candidate Robert Miller’s Court Appeal of Petition Rejection Set for January 22nd

Robert Miller, after having been kicked off the ballot by Crystal Lake City officials acting in their capacity as the Crystal Lake Electoral Board, went to court.

Wednesday, in Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom, all that happened was the setting of a court date.

It will be January 22nd.

The judge requested an official transcript of the Electoral Board hearing from the Electoral Board. 

Miller is representing himself in court, just as Marshal Lowe did when he was kicked off the Algonquin Township ballot while running for Road Commissioner in the early 1980’s against Del Miller.

The issue was similar.

The clerk’s office was not open for the filing of Lowe’s Statement of Economic Interest on the deadline for filing of township petitions, as Lowe remembers it.

In Miller’s case, the County Clerk’s office was closed in late November, 2018, because of a snow storm.

Attending were objectors Ellen Brady and Cathy Ferguson, plus Ralph Dawson, a member of the Electoral Board.

All are long-term members of the Crystal Lake City Council.


CL Council Candidate Robert Miller’s Court Appeal of Petition Rejection Set for January 22nd — 3 Comments

  1. What a bunch of entitled jerks.

    It is sick how a city council can dictate who can and cannot run for office with this Election Board made up of the mayor and council members.

    Sure Mr. Miller should have filed before the last day, but the offices being closed because of the weather should not be reason to keep him from running.

  2. Yet it was Bert Hopkins who filed the objection and Ralph Dawson shows up instead and he had voted against Mr. Miller ?

    Perhaps there should be a ” Special Council” to look into “Collusion ” in the City of Crystal Lake !

    Just what are they hiding and why the desperate need to keep others out of Public Office ?

    What would Mr. Miller uncover ? Hmmmmm…..

  3. Why is it that per this morning’s local fishwrap aka “Northwest Herald” …….

    Woodstock’s City Council has three incumbents NOT running with FIVE individuals running and there were NO Election Board challenges ?

    McHenry had one challenged because of the ward of which the Challenger was running wasn’t listed and a signature wasn’t from that ward but the McHenry Municipal Officers Electoral Board ALLOWED the Challenger to stay on the ballot.

    In The City of Crystal, Robert Miller is taken off the ballot and challenged by THREE incumbents before a Electoral Board consisting of the Mayor and another Councilmen whose wife’s law firm represents the incumbents and they decided that the closure of the McHenry County Clerk’s office due to weather is cause.

    Something isn’t right here !

    To myself this looks like a group lead by the two decade Mayor is keeping flunkies on board to conceal something from the taxpayers as Crystal Lake isn’t having any elections again.

    Where there’s smoke there’s likely a fire !

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