Barbara Wheeler’s Bills That Took Effect January 1, 2019

Barb Wheeler

The following bills of retiring State Representative Barb Wheeler went into effect on January 1st:

House Bill 4340 (M. Connelly) – Requires massage establishments, organizers of public events that require a permit, and all primary and secondary schools to post notices informing employees and other members of the public of a helpline to assist any person who is subject to human trafficking.

HB 4768 (L. Holmes) – Adds 6 new statements to the oath of office that all school board members in the State of Illinois are required to take.

HB 4855 (A. Munoz) – Makes more individuals ineligible to hold a FOID card by expanding the definition of “patient” and makes other changes to the FOID Card Act.

HB 4920 (D. Koehler) – States that proceeds from the sale of oil or gas from non-coal formations held in nontrust estates shall be deemed income.

Senate Bill 2644 (J. Tracy) – Allows service by email in administrative proceedings.

SB 2907 (K. McConnaughay) – Allows agencies and entities currently authorized by law to conduct or obtain national criminal history background checks on individuals to participate in the FBI’s Federal Rap Back Service.

SB 3411 (K. Raoul) – Allows places of employment, places of worship, or schools to petition for an order
against a person stalking their locations. Once an order is granted, that person may
have to give up their firearms and FOID card.


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