Burke and Quid Pro Quo

Discussing why Chicago Alderman Ed Burke seems to have pressured the owners of a Burger King in his ward to contribute money to Cook County Board Chairman Toni Preckwinkle’s campaign fund, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass quoted former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot this week:

Jack Franks, his father, and a bunch of highly place Democratic office holders (think folks like Jesse White, Ed Burke) went fishing in Canada the latter part of June each year. While the fish that Franks put on the County newsletter is big, he was a decidedly small fish in the pond of Democrats in Canada.

“Ed Burke never does anything without expecting a quid pro quo. He’s a cunning and strategic person.

“The fact he decided it was going to, as alleged in the complaint, strong arm and extort a contribution for her said there’s some kind of relationship and he wanted to get something out of it.

“She’s got to explain what is the quid pro quo.”

Since McHenry County Board Chairman and Ed Burke Canadian fishing buddy has no opponent to make a similar challenge to his accepting money from Alderman Burke going back to the early 2000’s and the Northwest Herald is pretty much in his back pocket, Franks will not have to explain why Burke gave him the $5,000 on September 29, 2018, when he was running for Board Chairman.

Maybe it was for cleaning the City Council’s big fish’s big fish up in Canada.


Burke and Quid Pro Quo — 5 Comments

  1. Ok, I came out of retirement just to pen a little poem for this surprising development,

    “There Was a Crooked Alderman” or “The Fall of Jackanapes Franks’ Idol, The Peacock Burke”

    There was a crooked alderman, who winced a crooked smile,
    He ‘found’ a crooked calling — and amassed a huge, crooked pile;
    He bought a crooked protege, Jack, who learn’t from that crooked louse,
    And they all nested cheek by jowl in the crooked Democrat house!

  2. That $5K was just 1 election cycle.

    What about Franks’ PersonalPac homosexual elves?

    The ones who Burke sent McHenry County way?

    They never showed up on any election accounting.

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