McSweeney’s McHenry County Township Abolition by Referendum Bill Sent to Governor

David McSweeney

The Illinois General Assembly reports that State Rep. David McSweeney’s House Bill 4637 was sent to Governor Bruce Rauner on Monday by Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan.

So speculation that the bill might be rolled over to the next General Assembly so that it could be sent to Governor-Elect JB Pritzker are unfounded.

Speculation concerning similar treatment by the Illinois Senate for Senate Bill 337 seems to have been born out, however.

That gun dealer licensing bill has not been sent to the Governor’s desk.

Now the question is what, if anything, Governor Rauner will do with the bill.

He could do nothing.

However, based on his veto of the bill to make the Supervisor of Assessments an elective post, my guess is that he will veto the McHenry County township abolition measure.

In his veto message of the Lake County legislation, Rauner argued that such measures should affect the entire state or none of it.

Since McSweeney’s bill would only allow McHenry County residents to abolish their township governments by referendum, taking the Lake County veto approach, Rauner would veto House Bill 4637.

Rauner  will, of course, continue to be encouraged to veto it by township government supporters in McHenry County, many of whose leaders met in a closed meeting with Rauner last year to deliver the same message.

And the Township Officials of Illinois will mobilize bill opponents statewide.

But, Rauner has nothing at stake.

He has made a big deal about consolidating local governments.

(See article about Rauner’s report on accomplishments.)

And accomplished little.

So, he might sign the legislation.

The odds are not good, because the Governor has shown that he does not understand that change comes incrementally.

There is a chance that a township or two might be abolished by referendum in McHenry County, which might stimulate interest elsewhere.

Now, however, there is no evidence of such a demand throughout the state.


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  1. Good Work!

    Interesting how brazenly corrupt township officials can be:

    Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced former Essex Township Clerk Traci Freytag pleaded guilty to stealing taxpayer money for personal expenses including two trips to Florida.

    Freytag, 50, of Essex, Ill., pleaded guilty to one count of theft of government property, a Class 1 felony and was sentenced to four years in prison by Kankakee County Circuit Court Judge Kathy Elliott.

    Freytag was appointed township clerk in August 2014. Between November 2014 through May 2016, Freytag deposited $94,000 of Essex township checks into her personal bank account. As clerk, Freytag had access to Essex township bank accounts and was able to write checks from those accounts.

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