McHenry County Clerk Tirio Sues Noonan, Tenner, Illinois Integrity Fund; Jack Franks, Breaker Press Cited as “Respondents in Discovery”

Joe Tirio’s enemy photo shopped him at a robber with rubber gloves.

Joe Tirio is continuing his quest to discover who is behind the three hit pieces defaming his name during the Republican nomination contest for McHenry County Clerk.

His legal action explains that he is man of “good repute and credit” having “honorably” served as Recorder of Deeds and enjoys “a reputation of honesty and integrity within the community.”

As background, attorney Philip Prossnitz explains in the suit that

  • user fees, not taxes support the operation of the Recorder of Deeds Office, are put in four funds, information about which are public knowledge
  • four employees, three of whom Recorder Tirio had never met before their interview, were hired after public advertisement
  • Tirio attended a four-day automation seminar in New Mexico alone, incurring $49.38 for meals, flying commercial and staying at a hotel a block from the convention hotel to save money (“He took no personal detours or excursions from the conference.”]

Noonan, Tenner and Illinois Integrity had knowledge of the trip, according to the filling, but said the following in the mailing:

“Crooked Joe paid for his vacation in New Mexico with the slush fund.”

One of the smear pieces intended to soften Joe Tirio up for the fall campaign against Democratic Party County Clerk candidate Andrew Giorgi.

“Well knowing the matters of public record and facts set forth [above], but maliciously intending to injure the Plaintiff and to bring him into public scandal, dispute and disgrace,,,Noonan…Tenner…and Illinois Integrity Fund falsely and maliciously published the flyers…” the lawsuit charges.

Pointed out is that state law requires any Political Action Committee spending more than $5,000 to disclose their identities to the Illinois State Board of Elections and the Illinois Integrity did not do so.

The false charges from each of the three mailings are dissected and described as “defamation per se.”

Tirio asks for

  • compensatory damages in excess of 50,000
  • appropriate punitive damages
  • reasonable costs
  • anything else the judge deems appropriate

Besides the defamation per se charges, the defendants are charged with false light, a count requiring a lower standard of evidence.

The same court results are requested.

Associate Judge Thomas Meyer will hear the case starting on April 9, 2019.


McHenry County Clerk Tirio Sues Noonan, Tenner, Illinois Integrity Fund; Jack Franks, Breaker Press Cited as “Respondents in Discovery” — 9 Comments

  1. Will this be the only lawsuit?

    What will all the weasels say under oath?

    Tic toc … tic toc

  2. Joe’s first lawsuit was dragged out until after the 2018 election.

    It appeared that the only reason there was a somewhat of a conclusion recently was that the Court knew Mr. Tirio was up against the Statute of Limitations to pursue lawsuit number two.

    Will the defendants drag this one out to past the 2020 election?

    Would we have so many lawsuits if we had States Attorneys and an Attorney General who had the ‘backbone’ to do their job and the willingness to serve?

  3. This is going to be really interesting….

    The Big One is in trouble.

    And he did it all to Himself.


  4. Is there any issue regarding the use of U.S. Postal Services for the mailers?

  5. Dino, go to law school!

    If you were paying attention you would know the answer to your ignorant question.

  6. Dino, they had to take Breaker Press ( the printer) to court to find out who was responsible for the defaming mailers.

    That took 8 months!

    When the guy realized he would go to jail until he told the judge, he finally gave up three names.

    It’s about to get real interesting.

  7. Actually, Breaker Press should/could have been named a Respondent in Discovery a long, long time ago.

    It was already ID’d and the printing outfit had to know who ‘paid the freight.’

    Now, the top chamber of the hourglass on Joe’s suit is almost empty.

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