Tribune Article Increases Pressure on “Respondent in Discovery Jack D. Franks”

Here’s what popped up at 8:55 this morning on the Chicago Tribune website:

‘Crooked Joe’ campaign flyers prompt lawsuit as GOP clerk claims Chicago Dems secretly tried to sway election

Joe Tirio’s enemy photo shopped him as a robber with rubber gloves.

Raising the stakes in an ongoing political dispute, the McHenry County clerk filed suit Tuesday against two Democratic Chicago political consultants, claiming they defamed him by labeling him “Crooked Joe Tirio.”

The lawsuit also names County Board Chairman Jack Franks as a “respondent in discovery”…

I am told that a “respondent in discovery” can be turned into a defendant in a suit.


Tribune Article Increases Pressure on “Respondent in Discovery Jack D. Franks” — 9 Comments

  1. Kiddy Kvidera: McHenry’s biggest Franks’ prostitute and excuser.

  2. You’ve got to love the fact that it surely appears that justice has found its way to McHenry County.

  3. Hey Kvichimera: How much is Jacko or his pa paying ya?

    You are little more than a little hireling — If you ain’t Jack Franks himself!

  4. Joe Kvidera:

    You are missing the points here.

    Point One: There has got to be a limit somewhere to how blatantly dishonest someone can be in making political accusations. If this is allowed to pass, then the wraps are completely off, to the detriment of us all.

    Point Two: If you are going to try to sway elections, you at least need to follow the laws. The law requires that any group that receives and/or spends over $5000 per election cycle has to file with the State Board of Elections. (Also if you pay off a porn star or are using campaign funds to house your mistress and are running for a federal office you have to report that).

    Point Three: This was interference with the opposing political party’s primary election. Not impermissible but shady non the less.

  5. One has to ask ‘What was at stake for Franks when Tirio won the election for County Clerk?’

    Let’s analyze:

    Tirio’s in charge of County Deeds, County Vital Records, Administering Elections, Calculates and Extends the Tax Rates on all real estate in the county.

    The clerk files the annual budgets and levies of all taxing bodies, computes the tax rates for each unit, extends the taxes by applying the tax rates to the equalized assessed valuation, and certifies the information to the county treasurer, the Clerk also collects delinquent tax payments and calculates abatements.. .

    What didn’t Franks want Tirio finding?

    Franks really may have stepped in it this time.

  6. One has to wonder exactly what SO motivated the two so-called political consultants – of their own volition(?) – to go to the extraordinary efforts and expense to produce and mail these flyers.

    What was in it for them?

    Did they conceive of this on their own?

  7. Hey Underbelly, you would name yourself after a lying “nurse” that lives with her parents and is under investigation for voter fraud?

    You are discredited.

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