Winnebago County Board Considering Requiring Administrator to Report to County Board, Rather Than to Chairman

Some of those elected to the Winnebago County Board want to take some power away from the  Republican County Board Chairman, elected at-large just like in McHenry County.

In an article in today’s Rockford Register-Star entitled, “No consensus on Winnebago County power play,” Democrat Dan Fellars

“wants the board to not only reconsider who the county administrator reports to but also the County Board chairman.

“He said under existing state law and county ordinances the County Board has more authority than its members realize.”

Fellars continued,

“We do not have an executive style of government.

“Our chairman is not a CEO.

“He is literally the 21st board member and operates under our pleasure and our pleasure only, which basically tells me we don’t need to change our ordinances … but that we need to leverage the authority that we have as board members.”

Another Democrat, Angie Goral,complained that the Republican County Board Chairman had taken on too many management duties.

Peter Austin

The paper contacted McHenry County Administrator Peter Austin, who said,

“Our County Board chairman does not come in everyday, but I have day-to-day liaisons with the chairman.

“I probably work more closely with this chairman than in previous years.

“I also work with all the County Board members.”


Winnebago County Board Considering Requiring Administrator to Report to County Board, Rather Than to Chairman — 5 Comments

  1. The question is who do you report to?

    Are you in charge of putting together the committee agenda or is that the job of the Chairman?

    If a Committee Chairperson asks for something on the agenda are you the one that refuses to put it on or is that the job of the Chairman?

    At the cost of $250,000 to the taxpayers are you worth the money?

    The board as a whole hasn’t got the guts to get rid of you and you bow down to Franks!

  2. Which thirteen of the spineless cowards have the backbone to take on the LIAR?

    In reality I can only come up with two and I am not totally convinced they have the backbone!

    Actually right now you only need 12 until the LIAR appoints another RINO.

    Note: It is the Democrats in Winnebago taking the lead – not the Republicans.

    Peter’s comment: ““I also work with all the County Board members.”” For sure! He warns the LIAR on a daily basis as to what ANYONE is planning. This includes all other Constitutionally elected officials at the County.

    Again, to repeat, I ask how can anyone with the vast financial resources of the LIAR in good conscience tax property owners for his medical insurance? Answer: He has no conscience as evidenced by his propensity to lie.

  3. We have LIARS in charge in both Woodstock and Washington.

    Time to get rid of them both.

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