Bob Anderson Criticizes Pam Althoff for New Lobbyist Career

Wonder Lake’s McHenry Township Trustee Bob Anderson wrote the following letter to the Northwest Herald.  It is republished with Anderson’s permission.

Althoff and townships

Bob Anderson

Pam Althoff

Former 32nd District State Senator Pamela Althoff, presently a highly paid state lobbyist, received her lobbyist training from the 11,500 member Township Officials of Illinois (TOI).

Pamela Althoff recently received the 2018 President’s Award from TOI President Danny Hanning.

Note: There’s a total of 177 members in Illinois’ General Assembly.

Althoff was recognized for her commitment and support of Illinois’ 1,433 township governments.

“Throughout the fifteen years she was a senator, Althoff was always there for townships.” President Hanning said.

“She would meet with township officials and be in communication with our TOI lobbyist staff.

“This was ever so apparent this past year when Althoff ran interference for TOI when there was a very strong push this past year for some anti-township legislation.

“Althoff worked both sides and was able to convince a fellow senator to not call this bill that would be very harmful to townships.”

Source: TOI’s Township Perspective monthly magazine sent to state-wide elected officials with the purpose of protecting outdated townships.

It’s no secret, township government in Illinois is a political establishment of patronage, nepotism, cronyism and waste. Pamela Althoff, have you no shame?


Bob Anderson Criticizes Pam Althoff for New Lobbyist Career — 16 Comments

  1. The political class is alive and well here in McHenry County.

    They are not democrats or republicans- but the political class.

  2. And then there is you…gasser.

    You are an unqualified, antiAmerican who needs to seek some serious help to cope with your issues.

    I would ask readers to some research on gasser’s past.

    Let’s bid some salt, gasser.

    Let’s find a political lackey(kirk) to help divide a community.

    Let’s spend dollars from everyone’s pocket to support my issues(real or not).

    Please do everyone (except cal and kirk) a favor a step down.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. Prove your point Bob and Andrew, where is your inclusive plan with a real tax savings?

  4. Gasbag and Snowplow Bob need to find a new hobby.

    They carry the stench of cry baby losers.

    I do have to say, they are amusing.

  5. If nothing else, Bob and Andy have kept this freeloading crapstain community, in a perpetual state of stupidity, rage, resentment and paranoia

  6. Gasbag-It’s a good thing we have you riding the white horse to buck that system. It’s a good thing people don’t care that you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (sarcasm for the idiots) on your political payback agenda. What’s a half million dollars, give or take a few and counting, when it’s not your money. Go get them. We are behind you every step of the way (again sarcasm for the idiots), at least until you resign or the next election. Thanks for your service in helping to create this mess.(Sarcasm) I just hope we can elect someone who is intelligent enough to clean this up.
    Be blessed, You’ve already blessed us enough.

  7. Nob. It doesn’t have to necessarily save us taxes. If a plan can break even and give us more oversight, efficiency and transparency it would be worth the change.

  8. Pokorny makes sense and Althoff is a lobbyist-whore.

    Those are facts!

  9. Consolidating the road dist to the township would give more oversite but no savings, that would work.

    Elimination of townships takes a good plan with a savings or why bother.

    Use of the word whore is a tad over the top, even if true, just saying.

  10. To Gasbag and Snowplow — FYI::

    Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoes McHenry County township consolidation bill.

    On one of his last days in office, Gov. Bruce Rauner killed a consolidation bill that would have given McHenry County voters the power to eliminate townships at the polls.

    Rauner, set to relinquish his seat to Governor-elect J.B. Prtizker on Monday, signed an amendatory veto of House Bill 4637 about 3:30 p.m. Friday.

  11. So Gasser spends what half Million on legal fees to fight stupid corruption that if there was a true audit done and half a million is a drop in the bucket!

    Miller paid HIS WIFE $90,000 a year plus benefits plus RETIREMENT BENEFITS and your bitching about Gasser that got SCREWED by MILLER INC.!

    Miller hired his family to work for him and gave them nice RAISES!

    A $500,000 was going the THE MILLER INC a year!

    Seriously people you may not like Gasser and that’s fine but your morons if you looked at the numbers!

    Plus what did he save 5% on the budget last year that was permanent cuts!

    If your are for nepotism and the MILLER FAMILY SCREWING you over for the past 1/2 century then you are delusional!

  12. And Gasser is right! You have Jacko, Althoff, Tryon, Koehler, McSweeny, Reich, Skala and all their minions following them.

    Don’t think for one minute that they aren’t talking to each other about how to control the County Board, Municipalities, Townships.

    It is a game and they are 3 steps ahead of everyone else!

  13. 500,000K a year?

    Where’s your accounting?

    There is a lawsuit to recoup maybe $100000.

    How is this good?

    Throwing good after bad.

    I do agree that audit should have been done.

    It wasn’t.

    It is not Gasbags duty to prosecute the Millers.

    That is the States Attorney ‘s job.

    Gasbag is playing political payback at our expense.

    How much more could the levy have been reduced if this delusional idiot just did his job competently.

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