Daily Herald Puts Pressure on County Board Members Getting Health Insurance

In an editorial today, the Daily Herald calls for an end to health benefits for suburban county board members.

Kane County Democratic Board member Mo Iqbal brought up the subject two years after Republican Chairman Chris Lauzen got no positive response when he asked at a meeting for a show of hands of those willing to give up health benefits to help cope with financial problems.

With a possible $25,422 per member health insurance subsidy, Iqbal argues the fringe benefit cannot be justified when other part-time employees are not eligible.

He calls it “an outrageous amount of compensation” onn outrageous amount of compensation of Kane County Board members’ $25,000 a year salary.

The Daily Herald editorial concludes:

“…the issue should be brought back promptly to the full board, where, at the very least, every member can be put on record regarding whether taxpayers should underwrite full-time health insurance benefits for their part-time job or whether board members should get their insurance through the exchanges, their business or their employer, as any other regular citizen would have to do.

“And then, wouldn’t we love to see a similar show of accountability from every elected board and commission in the suburbs that permits such a perk?”

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And, again, it is worth noting that in 2014, McHenry County Board candidates David Stieper and Andrew Gasser had abolition of County Board health insurance as part of their platforms.

David Stieper’s 2014 GOP County Board gravy train campaign piece attacks County Board health insurance and pensions.

When serving on the County Board, Gasser did not avail himself of that fringe benefit. He does not take health benefits from Algonquin Township either.


Daily Herald Puts Pressure on County Board Members Getting Health Insurance — 4 Comments

  1. Were it not for the health insurance, I doubt that many people would want to run for County Board in McHenry County, especially given that they will be savaged by Dark Money operations financed by Franks.

    The only board members who did not sign up for the health benefits were those who already had health coverage from another source.

    The same was true of the pension benefit.

    Only those who were already in a pension system or IMRF didn’t enroll.

  2. Most of ’em have huge psychiatric bills!

    Some of the board members have a strange delsuion (fixation) that Franks is God.

  3. Gasser = Good

    Townships = Waste/Nepotism/Corruption/Graft

    Rachel Lawrence: you are a capybara!

  4. Delusion – “the act of tricking or deceiving someone : the state of being deluded”

    The LIAR is a master – he learned from the best!

    However, to practice the art I believe you must be devoid of an average sense of morality.

    A moral person practicing delusion could not live with themselves for long (imo).

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