Bill Paid By Algonquin Township Board of Trustees Improper?

Algonquin Township Trustees Melissa Victor and David Chapman.

Did the Algonquin Township Board of Trustees pay an improper bill put forward by the Road District?

A friend of McHenry County Blog was just given a bill which shows outgoing Supervisor Diane Klemm and Highway Commissioner Bob Miller threw an $1,100 party back in April.

Documents recovered show that the township paid $550 and the road district paid $550.

However, what makes this more intriguing is that the actual receipt from the eatery, Brunch Cafe in Fox River Grove, itemized $130 dollars worth of product.

Yet, the total bill was for $1,000. (Click to enlarge documents.)

Only current board member and long time friend of Bob Miller Dan Shea could have voted for the party.

Adding more to the drama was tonight’s Algonquin Township Board Meeting.

Trustee Melissa Victor dominated the board questioning bills from the road district often referring to having a bad feeling about certain bills.

The current board refused to pay for a new truck purchased through the Illinois State Bid purchasing system and to defer payment on the road salt.

Strange times in Algonquin Township.

After speaking to Highway Commissioner Gasser he is confident we have enough salt to get through February.


Bill Paid By Algonquin Township Board of Trustees Improper? — 12 Comments

  1. Why didn’t Kenneally put some salt on crooked Bob Miller’s tail?

  2. For Township officials, it’s always party 24/7 on the taxpayer’s credit card!

    East St. Louis Township paid $550 to a politician, who had previously spent four years in federal prison for tax evasion, to clear an inch of snow from the township’s parking lot – a task he didn’t even complete.

    Illinois’ more than 1,400 townships often offer services duplicative with other governments, and incur costs not abundantly necessary.

    The latter is certainly true in East St. Louis Township, where township officials paid a politician $550 to clear an inch of snow off the parking lot of the township’s headquarters Jan. 15.

    The Belleville News-Democrat reported the township board approved the payment Jan. 25 for Michael Collins – a former city councilman and current Democratic precinct committeeman who served more than four years in federal prison for income tax evasion – to remove an inch of snow the week prior. Collins did not actually end up removing the snow, but instead sprinkled salt on the ground.

    The township’s supervisor would not comment to the Belleville News-Democrat on why the township hired outside help for a task it could have covered itself. But regardless of the reason, the questionable cost is an unwelcome sight for struggling area taxpayers.

  3. “However, what makes this more intriguing is that the actual receipt from the eatery, Brunch Cafe in Fox River Grove, itemized $130 dollars worth of product.”

    Clearly the Brunch Café bill says 130 items, not $130 of product.

    This event was discussed numerous times, this is the time the township feed the election Judges.

    Cal come on, are you losing it or what?

    We should all have a bad feeling about the FOIA piling on by the Dog’s, there has been talk on FB CGP that not all is above board with the settlement.

  4. @Nob

    You may have discovered the reason that Cal is no longer county treasurer or state comptroller!


    You’re correct, of course, this has been “exposed” on this very blog and revealed for what it truly is: Something nice done for the volunteers.

    Not the township’s business, but a nice touch to get the voter’s in a mood to re-elect their great township officials.


  5. There should really be a rule that the “anonymous” authors of these posts use their real name.

    It’s not fair to Cal to make him look like a dimwit.

    Clearly the invoice amounts say “Quantity” and not “Price.”

    Whoever wrote that the invoice was for $130.00 wasn’t paying too much attention.

    Someone please tell Andrew the election ended almost two years ago already. Sigh…

  6. Present a comprehensive plan, one that involves a real savings, then lets talk change.

  7. I know I probably overuse Idiocracy references, but I’m fresh out of metaphors.

  8. $1100.00 dollars to pay a $130.00 bill, outrageous.

    Oh wait, thats 130 items.

    Clearly an auditor would be able to Figure that out on the surface of the invoice.

    No feather for Kirk and the boys.

  9. DJ when discussing Algonquin Township there is no such thing as overuse of idiocracy metaphors.

    As you have found there are not enough>

  10. Yeah, the auditor should question my 120 meals were ordered for a township that does not have near that many employees.

    Such expenditures have nothing to do with Road District operations, but never mind the law, it is McHenry County.

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