Lobbyists That Contributed to Jack Franks

Today we look at the lobbyists who have contributed to Jack Franks.

This list was also developed by a Friend of McHenry County Blog.

All-Circo, Inc $1,200 Chicago IL
Bruce Simon Consulting $500 Springfield IL
Burris & Lebed Consulting LLC $500 Chicago IL
Cagwood Consulting $200 Highland Park IL
Chicago/Springfield Consultants LLC $250 Chicago IL
Clarkin Inc $250 Chicago IL
Cook Witter Inc $550 Springfield IL
Coy Pugh and Associates $500 Chicago IL
Filan, William Ltd $500 Chicago IL
Frazier Consulting LLC $750 Park Ridge IL
Hack $750 Chicago IL
Ill Assoc of Mortgage Brokers $2,800 Lombard IL
Ill Land Title Assoc $300 Springfield IL
Illinois Accountants PAC $200 Quincy IL
Legislative Consultants of Illinois LTD $950 Chicago IL
Lowder Governmental Solutions $200 Springfield IL
Luking, William H. $500 Chicago IL
Morrill & Associates $500 Chicago IL
Morrissey Public Affairs Inc $200 Chicago IL
Petroleum Political Education $3,100 Springfield IL
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America $2,500 Washington DC
Raucci & Sullivan Strategies, LLC $750 Chicago IL
Ronan Alfred G Ltd $450 Oak Park IL
Ronan Potts L.L.C. $300 Chicago IL
Social Engineering Associates SKYPAC $500 Washington DC
Stone, Christopher $2,500 Springfield IL
Strategic Government Solutions $1,250 Northbrook IL
The Prairie Group Consulting Inc. $250 Western Springs IL
The Roosevelt Group $19,402 Chicago IL
Thomson Weir, LLC $750 Springfield IL


Lobbyists That Contributed to Jack Franks — 10 Comments

  1. Would that be the same Roosevelt Group involved in the Tirio lawsuit?

  2. The money from the Roosevelt Group is roughly the same as the payment Franks made to them a month after the primary election.

  3. Cal, since your masthead claims to be a source of news about McHenry County, should we assume similar exposés about other elected officials who have or are currently representing the county are also forthcoming?

  4. Re: ” other elected officials who have or are currently representing the county are also forthcoming?”


    Anyone else involved locally in a lawsuit relative to apparent violation of ethics and openly lying while ‘serving’ in public office?

  5. PhRMA contribution = shady gravy.

    Even big pharma is in Jacko’s pockets. Jesus.

  6. My personal opinion is that all elected officials, starting at dogcatcher, should be required to reveal all personal finances (like tax returns) and all political contributions.

    3rd party activities should be banned.

  7. I wonder who started the “dog catcher” cliche.

    They are not elected as far as I know.

  8. “Zeb Towne, of Duxbury, is reportedly the only elected dogcatcher in the United States. Last week he was reelected without opposition.”

    That was last year in Vermont.

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