Former District 50 Harvard High School Teacher Arrested on Suspicion of Raping 11-Year Old Girl

Paul Steven Perron, a Harvard High School history teacher from 1982 to 2002, has been arrested in Brazil for raping an 11-year old girl.

He paid her $350.

Paul Steven Perron, 55, was arrested on suspicion of raping an 11-year-old boy in Recife. Photo: PCPE / Divulgação

Paul Steven Perron

Perron was also a cross country and track coach, later a girls varsity track cross country coach

The source has this subhead:

According to the Civil Police the 55-year-old man paid $350 to the victim to practice the crime

Paul Steven Perron, now 55, taught at Harvard High School.

Here is how the police of Recife, Brazil, discribed the situation:

“Police learned of the case through the child’s parents, who live in a poor community in Recife and distrusted the origin of the money that the daughter carried. Her older sister also saw pictures of the girl on social networks in an unfamiliar apartment with alcohol.”

The police revealed, “Paul Perron has lived in the capital of Pernambuco since July 2017 and is a professor at the American School of Recife, in the Boa Viagem neighborhood.”

The penalty could be eight to 15 years in prison.

Police think that Perron is involved in a child prostitution network.

Found was Perron’s passport showing “large number of trips registered…to countries known as part of a child sex tourism route. On the list, there are nations in Africa and Asia.”


Former District 50 Harvard High School Teacher Arrested on Suspicion of Raping 11-Year Old Girl — 18 Comments

  1. Brazilian prisons, like most in South America, are notoriously barbaric.

    Considering he is a foreigner charged with such a crime…

  2. Mumbling Mutton

    Apparently I missed the part of the story where it said he was convicted of a crime, or the part that said he was retired and receiving a pension from his teaching in Illinois, or the part that said what he was doing, even if convicted, has any bearing on a pension, if any, in Illinois or anywhere else in these United States.

    Dial it back a bit, if he IS convicted in Brazil, his punishment will more than fit the crime as CP has alluded to.

  3. He was my immediate next door neighbor growing up.

    I cant believe these allegations are true. He was a good person then, and others that know him now say the same about him.

    The truth will come out.

  4. At the preliminary hearing he pleaded guilty.

    Subsequently, he was advised by lawyers to deny the crime.

    I live in Recife and I know a lawyer who refused to defend the accused because of ethics.

  5. To the person who asked if this was the same guy involved in the accident where his wife passed, y


    Maria was the love of his life, and we all took the loss EXTREMELY HARD!

    If y’all even knew the full story behind what’s going on in Brazil you’d know this man is no criminal.

    14 years old is the adult age in Brazil, in which these girls ADMITTED in front of a judge that they lied about their ages to Paul.

    Also- some of the parents in Brazil sell their children for sex to gain money to survive.

    Paul was returning to the states the morning he was arrested, and all because the parents were losing their source of income, they used all their ammo and reported him.

    Paul is a good man whether you want to believe that or not.

    He is being taken very good taken care of in Brazil for those were are thoughtful enough to ask.

    We are hoping to have him back in the states soon.

  6. Omg some people on here. I promise you Paul’s wife’s death was an accident and tragedy for all of us. I know this because I was one of his students in Harvard at the time this all happened. I was also a student that knows this man is not a criminal! I helped him with other students during study hall and had many classes through high school with him, never I repeat never did he cross any lines! These girls lied about their age (14 is the legal age), and now he is paying for it😔. Paul was the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you Ashley for the update, I was curious if he is doing okay.

  7. A 14 year old is typically in 8th grade (Junior High School, also known as Middle School), or 9th grade (Freshman year in High School) in the United States.


    Harvard High School is in the Harvard Consolidated Unit School District 50 (Harvard CUSD 50) school district.

    The teacher union in Harvard CUSD 50 is the Harvard Education Association (HEA).

    The state affiliate of the Harvard Education Association is the Illinois Education Association (IEA).

    The national affiliate of the Harvard Education Association is the National Education Association (NEA).


    2002 was Mr. Perron’s 15th year teaching in Harvard CUSD 50 and the state of Illinois.

    Prior to that he taught 2 years outside of Illinois.


    Per the ISBE TSR and EIS Mr. Perron did not teach in Illinois public schools full time or regular part time since 2002.

    One would have to submit a FOIA request to the Teacher Retirement System of Illinois (TRS) to determine if he substitute taught in Illinois since 2002.


    The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) is useless to the public user to determine the status of Mr. Perrone’s educator license.

    It does list Paul S Perrone.

    The “Credentials” screen indicates:

    Application Dates – 12/06/2016

    Expires – 06/30/2022

    Registered Thru – 2015

    Status Description – Lapsed.

    Obviously the ISBE needs a public tutorial to decipher that.

    The “Status Search Screen” of the ISBE ELIS has a Status of A for Paul S Perron, but no indicator what A means.


    The Educator Misconduct section of the ISBE website falls under Educator Quality and includes sanctions and dismissals.

  8. Are there any updates on Paul?

    I worked with him in Istanbul a few years ago and he was always a thoughtful and caring person.

    He was a good friend and colleague.

  9. I was also one of his students and this man is a predator.

    He was always looking down girls shirts in class.

    Saying that the girls lied about their ages really is a disgusting justification of his actions.

    I really hope he gets the full pedophile welcome.

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