Pritzker Emails

Here is what newly-sworn-in Governor JB Pritzker wants those on his email list to know:

A century of boundless opportunity

Hi there–

JB Pritzker at his only publicly announced McHenry County appearance.

Today, I had the honor of being sworn in as Illinois’ 43rd governor.

I was proud to share my vision to work together to create another century of boundless opportunity and fulfill our state’s possibility and promise.

At 200 years old, Illinois is still a young promise. Our time here has been but a blink. In 2019, we must begin a new century with new maturity – and enough foolishness to believe we can make a difference.

Our history is a story of leaps forward and occasional stumbles back – and a promise renewed with each generation that we will try harder, that we will do better, that big breakthroughs are built of centuries of selfless effort by unheralded heroes. That big change rides on what we can do together, not what one person attempts alone.

That’s the Illinois I see – one of possibility and promise. That’s the Illinois I know, one whose people are fearless and audacious. That’s the vision I have for our state – another century of boundless opportunity.

Thank you, Illinois, for your faith in me. I promise to live up to it every day. Together, let’s go into this new century with enough faith to help each other out of our troubles, with enough foolishness to believe we can make a difference in the world, and with enough kindness to find the courage to change.


Pritzker Emails — 6 Comments

  1. Billionaire Gov’s portend bad mojo.

    Will break out my witch doctor’s prescribed magic chicken claws to offset.

  2. How soon will JB force a 30 cent a gallon gasoline/diesel tax on the public?

    I’m sure I heard him say “we all need good roads” last night.

  3. Would you have preferred he sent out a memo that said his inauguration crowd was the largest ever and that we are going to demand tariffs on products purchased from Wisconsin?

    You people…

  4. Now that last quarter reporting has been completed for Pritzker and Rauner we have a cost per voter:

    Pritzker – $69.82 per vote (total votes in the General 2,479,746)

    Rauner – $44.39 per vote (total votes in the General 1,765,751)

    The preceding is based on all reported expenses since the first day Pritzker started to file.

  5. An absolutely empty and worthless statement from the new governor. Ours is the worst State of 50 fiscally and this governor and the Democrat majority in the Legislature have given no indication that they will solve the immensely huge financial problems. If there were 58 States in the U.S. as Obama once intimated, Illinois would be ranked 58 in financial stability.

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