Critiquing Jack Franks’ State of the County Speech

Here are some observations on the Jack Franks State of the County speech:

Jack Franks standing at the podium.

Listening to the 1/10/19 McHenry County “State of The County” message, it rang hollow as our leader once again, nearly broke his arm patting himself on the back.

While working to make it appear that each “thank you” was to point out individuals, in nearly all cases the issues were to glorify his personal agenda for the county.

If we heard it once, we heard it repeated a dozen times that “working together…” the county has “improved efficiencies.”

This message was meant to convince us that under this leadership, a new and cohesive county board has miraculously transformed county government for the better.

These would be credible statements had we not been privy to the backroom shenanigans; and if board members had not been threatened and bullied into submission over the last 2 years.

These were the tactics used to snap the county board in line, thus mimicking the stranglehold one-person-control has in Springfield.

The presentation ignored several troubling events.

  • The year began with two unnecessary patronage employees firmly in place to do the job voters elected the chairman to do.
  • A failed attempt to install the chairman’s “hand-pick replacement” for the position of County Auditor.
  • The unsuccessful takeover of control of the Auditor’s duties was followed by a failed attempt, via scheduling a referendum, to abolish the position of County Auditor.
  • Despite these efforts, the interim County Auditor has proven she has a spine and did not acquiesce to pressure and continues review of all expenditures, including those of the chairman.
  • Interestingly, there was no glowing praise and thanks for her work.
  • No mention was made of any “house cleaning” in the chairman’s office when it was learned that his Personal Assistant was caught on camera changing the message on a Rte. 14 campaign sign.

Jack Franks employee Kevin Craver changes message on Jack Franks campaign office in Woodstock.

Another long distance moving van in Crystal Lake.

Of special interest was the statement that…

”Last month as Illinois observed its bicentennial… yet another census estimate put us at… or near the top… of states losing population… and I am sick-and-tired of Illinois’ biggest export being our best and brightest minds.”

He went on to say…

“We can’t let… whatever is going on here… or not going on here in Springfield… or in Washington… lull us into a sense of hopelessness… that change, and reform are futile… as long as the states and federal governments can’t get their act together.”

The Illinois Manufacturing Association selected this photo of Jack Franks to use when it criticized the Democrat for introducing a really large tax increase bill.

To address the “problem,” it was suggested that the county should aspire to the “Springfield model.”

Galloping to the rescue it is stated…

“Now just yesterday… the 101st Illinois Gen Assembly… was seated and on Monday… our new governor will be sworn in.

“It is my belief that after years of inaction at best… and outright disfunction… gridlock at worst… Springfield will start working again.”

How anyone, with 18 years of personal participation (the last month as a double dipper) in the damage done to the State of Illinois can, with a straight face, stand before us and suggest that the new governor and the 101st Legislature will change anything… is beyond credible.

It is correct to say that McHenry County is well on its way, thanks to the leadership, to mimic the failed governess of the state.


Critiquing Jack Franks’ State of the County Speech — 8 Comments

  1. In the spirit of civility, just a friendly reminder to Jack.

    That when stuffing a potato in your speedo, the potato goes in front.

  2. Now that last quarter reporting has been completed for Pritzker and Rauner we have a cost per voter:

    Pritzker – $69.82 per vote (total votes in the General 2,479,746)

    Rauner – $44.39 per vote (total votes in the General 1,765,751)

    The preceding is based on all reported expenses since the first day Pritzker started to file.

  3. More wit and wisdom from DJ the coward.

    I guess your “mindless” drivel is important.

    Who knows what lurks in the minds of men.

    the Shadow knows.

  4. I did not see any payments to Linda Dikun in the last quarter.

    Looks like he is down to one full / part time employee plus a contractor in his campaign office.

    Kelly Bertrand for $807.75

    Bridgett Geenen for $5,010.96 Bridgett is also a County employee and I think his Campaign Secretary.

    Disharmony in the camp?

  5. “Your buying the first round, I forgot my wallet”.

    I guess this is a good way to get rid of you too.

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