Will Illinois Integrity Fund Frontmen, Jack Franks Face More Court Action?

Joe Tirio photoshopped by the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund.” to look like a robber in a mask wearing rubber gloves. Besides the mask, he is show wearing gloves so he won’t leave fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

Will Illinois Integrity Fund Fronts, Jack Franks Face More Court Action?

A friend of McHenry County Blog that knows all of the candidates has told me that several have been interviewing numerous lawyers in the Chicagoland area with an eye to litigation.

It may be too soon to know for sure, but the statute of limitations is running and, if more lawsuits are coming, it won’t be long now.

Will there be other shoes drop in Breaker Press-Illinois Integrity Fund-maybe Jack Franks smear mailings that were all aimed at critics of Jack Franks?

Besides McHenry Republican Party County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio, there were four GOP County Board candidates who were attacked by anonymous negative postcards:

  • Michael Rein
  • Chuck Wheeler
  • Ersel Schuster
  • Orville Brettman

Hit piece aimed at County Board member from the anonymous Illinois Integrity Fund.

Will some or all of the others similarly situated with Tirio join in Tirio’s suit?

Will the others file separate lawsuits?

If there are separate legal actions, will the judge decide that combining them would be the best use of the judge’s time?


Will Illinois Integrity Fund Frontmen, Jack Franks Face More Court Action? — 20 Comments

  1. Is the McHenry a county GOP actually fighting back against Franks?


  2. The next time the LIAR runs for office, should post cards describing the LIAR as a baby killer be sent to the voters?

    Is that not the bottom line for anyone who supports publicly funded abortions?

  3. Geo. Orwell was so prescient and could see what was coming.

    He wrote: “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful …

    “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength”

    Illinois Integrity Fund … yeah, right.

  4. Michael Rein spent less than $100 on travel expenses.

    Much less than most other county board members who routinely charged for mileage to and from Woodstock.

    He should do something.

  5. DEMOCRATS – Scum of the Earth, and proud to display it.
    Feeling “triggered” ? TFB – MAGA#45 !

  6. In response to the Woodstock Independent editorial attacking County Clerk Tirio

    Tirio has never left off the people’s business of merging the functions of his two offices. Now he must also devote his personal resources (at considerable personal expense of money and emotional stress due to attacks like the Independent editorial), to another people’s business: standing up to the professional political class who break the law in their enormously expensive efforts to prevent honorable reformers from gaining political office.

    As we all remember, Mr. Tirio was not a professional politician when he ran for Recorder of Deeds on the platform that he would eliminate that unneeded patronage appointment position, and merge Recorder functions into the County Clerk office. His campaign website message IWonthiremyWife.com resonated with County voters paying among the highest property tax rates in America. After winning the County Clerk position he has declined to keep drawing the Recorder salary to which he was entitled, keeping his promise to hold taxpayers’ interests in first priority.

    This anti-Tirio editorial exhibits the same attitude of that professional political class who feel entitled to break laws and rationalize that ” the judge was wrong” . Defamation standards under Illinois law are difficult to meet, and in this case Tirio proved that the mailers were defamatory by those tough legal standards. Defendants flouted the court order to reveal the source of the mailers, forcing further Court intervention. As the judge told one defendant “you may disagree with my ruling, but you do not have the right to disobey it”.

    This case illustrates the effectiveness of employing illegal tactics, and deploying seemingly unlimited funding to evade any consequences, all in the effort to discredit an honest reformer who threatens to disrupt political status quo.
    A chilling effect on would-be reformers entering politics may be assumed. We may also assume that the Woodstock Independent editorial board has motivation to protect this entrenched political class from consequences of their actions.

  7. Interesting what is going on here on the local level with regard to smearing public figures. This reminds us of the Fusion GPS smear fake dosier on Trump that was authorized and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and was created by a former British spy in collusion with Russian agents. That dosier was used by people at the highest levels of the US justice department and the bureau of investigation to get FISA warrants to spy on political opponents.

    What is going on with people from the Democratic Party? Will they stop at nothing to destroy opponents to gain power?

  8. It is now being revealed that Michael Cohen was directed by Trump to hire a firm to rig election polling results.

    There has to be a limit to how dirty campaigns can get.

  9. Re: “It is now being revealed that Michael Cohen was directed by Trump to hire a firm to rig election polling results. ”

    If that was not ‘tongue in cheek’ I have a question: Are you the owner of IIF?

  10. He paid the vendor $13,000 in cash in a shopping bag and gave him a supposedly valuable boxing glove to cover a $50,000 fee.

    He was stiffed for the rest.

  11. We all know that Cohen cut a deal for a reduced sentence. Everything has to be looked at in that light.

    One thing we know for sure is that he has lied in the past to save his own skin.

    He is such a POS that he will surely align with the Democrats in the future like Kasich and others who lay at night with the Obamas and Clintons.

  12. After you get past the headlines and read some background not being ‘talked’ about in the media:

    “”The president has no knowledge of the polls being rigged,” Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in an interview with Reuters news agency.”

    “Cohen disputed that he handed over a bag of cash. “All monies paid to Mr. Gauger were by check,” he said, offering no further comment on his ties to the consultant.”

  13. Think one needs a lot more than five people for a class action suit.

    Perhaps an attorney can provide an opinion.

  14. Board rules allow members to charge mileage for traveling to and from work.

    It is my understanding that Rein, who lives in Woodstock, did not do so.

  15. Speaking of handing over bags of cash, President Obama sent $1.7 Billion in cash by airplane to Iran in early 2016.


    American prisoners being held by Iran at that time were released.

    Iran leaders at that time were calling for death to Americans.

    Did Congress authorize the sending of cash to Iran?

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