Senator Terry Link Pledges Township Abolition Bill Will Pass Again and Likely Be Signed by Governor JB Pritzker

Terry Link

Calling former Governor Bruce Rauner “hypocritical” for vetoing the township abolition bill, State Senator Terry Link,also Chairman of the Lake County Democratic Party, says the bill will pass again and be signed by Governor JB Pritzker.

The bill had two parts:

  • one. advanced by State Rep. David McSweeney, applied to McHenry County and would have allowed voters to petition for a referendum to abolish township government
  • another, the part Link emphasizes, would have abolished township road districts with less than fifteen miles of road in Lake County after the current road commissioners’ terms expired in 2021

The (Waukegan) News-Sun reports, “According to Link, Rauner’s veto went against positions the former governor had lobbied for, but Link added he was not surprised by that.”

Concerns were voiced by the bill’s opponents that transition problems had not been addressed.

Link told the paper “he had promised Rauner to work on trailer legislation that would address any concerns, but that it was vetoed anyway.”


Senator Terry Link Pledges Township Abolition Bill Will Pass Again and Likely Be Signed by Governor JB Pritzker — 7 Comments

  1. So does that also mean that if someone offers another bill to give the McHenry County Board Chairman the power to appoint committees in derogation of the Board Rules, will that also pass both houses and be signed by the governor?

  2. But what will the lawyers do without Townships to bill?

    God speed to the legislature to pass the bill and to the voters to eliminate that swamp!

  3. Townships are bad, bad news for overtaxed McHenry County taxpayers.

    “A quick quiz about government spending:

    Should the purchase of a $329 Levenger purse be regarded as a legitimate government expense? What about bills for dinner and drinks at Hooters, or tickets to Disneyland? Or $349 for cashmere and cardigan sweaters, and a wool coat?

    The answer is no way, underlined and in bold.

    Yet these were expenses charged to township credit cards at the Algonquin Township highway commissioner’s office, when it was led by Robert Miller, the Tribune’s Robert McCoppin reports.

    Those and other expenses paid for with taxpayer money under Miller’s watch are now the subject of a lawsuit filed by the current highway commissioner, Andrew Gasser, who is challenging their validity.”

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