Reader Reaction to Woodstock Independent Editorial Hit Piece on Joe Tirio – Part 2

Susan Handelsman, Seneca Township resident, had this reaction to the Woodstock Independent’s trashing of Joe Tirio, McHenry County Clerk:

Independent editorial attacking honest reformer for standing up to Professional Political Class

In response to the Woodstock Independent editorial attacking County Clerk Tirio:

Tirio has never left off the people’s business of merging the functions of his two offices.

Now he must also devote his personal resources (at considerable personal expense of money and emotional stress due to attacks like the Independent editorial), to another people’s business:

standing up to the professional political class who break the law in their enormously expensive efforts to prevent honorable reformers from gaining political office.” is on the bottom of the back side of this 2016 mailing from Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio.

As we all remember, Mr. Tirio was not a professional politician when he ran for Recorder of Deeds on the platform that he would eliminate that unneeded patronage appointment position, and merge Recorder functions into the County Clerk office.

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds candidate candidate Joe Tirio was recognizable by his tee shirt which read, “IWon’”

His campaign website message resonated with County voters paying among the highest property tax rates in America.

After winning the County Clerk position he has declined to keep drawing the Recorder salary to which he was entitled, keeping his promise to hold taxpayers’ interests in first priority.

This anti-Tirio editorial exhibits the same attitude of that professional political class who feel entitled to break laws and rationalize that “the judge was wrong.”

Defamation standards under Illinois law are difficult to meet, and in this case Tirio proved that the mailers were defamatory by those tough legal standards.

Defendants flouted the court order to reveal the source of the mailers, forcing further Court intervention.

As the judge told one defendant,

“You may disagree with my ruling, but you do not have the right to disobey it,”

This case illustrates the effectiveness of

  • employing illegal tactics, and
  • deploying seemingly unlimited funding to evade any consequences,

all in the effort to discredit an honest reformer who threatens to disrupt political status quo.

A chilling effect on would-be reformers entering politics may be assumed.

We may also assume that the Woodstock Independent editorial board has motivation to protect this entrenched political class from consequences of their actions.


Reader Reaction to Woodstock Independent Editorial Hit Piece on Joe Tirio – Part 2 — 6 Comments

  1. Please stop with the “he’s not a politician” b.s.

    If you run for office, you’re a politician.

  2. I thought I articulated very clearly that this is the Professional politician bloc attacking a fledgling reformer.

    Professional politicians can be distinguished from reformers by
    deeds matching their eords, absense of condescension and disdain for voters’ intelligence, and absense of inequitable self-enrichment at taxpayer expense.

  3. She never said “he’s not a politician.”

    Your Tirio Derangement Syndrome is causing you to hallucinate.

  4. Just because you run for office does not make you a politician.

    A politician is someone who seeks power, knowing that his ‘boss’ ie: the taxpayers, are not paying attention to your every move. They report to no one directly. They get away with whatever they want. They know this, they use this.

    Joe Tirio, in my opinion, has no agenda other than to do what is right for the taxpayers.

    He is NOT a ‘career politician’

    A career politician would have taken both salaries.

    He chose not too.

    He is holding those accountable for what they do when they think they can use their ‘power’ to bully others and break the rules.

    It’s very, very difficult to stand up to them.

    I am glad Joe is willing to do so.

    A ‘career politician’ would never even think to cross that line…. GO JOE!!

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