Kane and McHenry County GOP Plan “Getting to Know You” Bowling

With two State Senate Districts, three State Rep. seats and two congressional districts dipping into both McHenry and Kane Counties, the two county Republican Parties have scheduled a chance for party activists to get together next Sunday.

From McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen:

This is an excellent opportunity for us in McHenry County to show our counterparts in Kane County how skilled and limber we are . . . . as well as show off our championship style! 

This is going to be just a fun occasion for everyone to get together and have a good time, meet other pc’s you may not have met before, maybe share some tips (or learn some) from our friends in Kane County. 

Bring the kids and grand kids. 

Price is certainly very affordable and we all need to get away from the computer monitors and ignore the grey skies!  RSVP to Chris so he’ll have enough food for everyone and – – –

See you next Sunday in Huntley!!


Kane and McHenry County GOP Plan “Getting to Know You” Bowling — 5 Comments

  1. Would have been a great idea to get PCs together to help with last falls elections…

    The leadership should resign.

    The GOP in McHenry has quickly become a disgrace under her leadership.

  2. It’s a great idea.

    Getting to know your constituents is a good idea, tying politics to recreation is also a good idea.

    The only problem here is who is chris and how does one contact him?

    It says to rsvp by contacting chris.

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