CL High School Board Agenda re Teacher Contract

Way down at the bottom of the Crystal Lake High School Board 155’s agenda for tonight’s meeting is the following:

If you can attend the meeting and want to speak, you need to go early.

What you see from the agenda above and what you see below is all the information about the proposed contract that has been provided to the public.  (And, hat is how big the print is on the original.)

If not, you can watch the Board meeting here.


CL High School Board Agenda re Teacher Contract — 3 Comments

  1. This issue encapsulates many of the key issues that are fundamentally wrong with how this district operates.

    The teacher’s contract is the single largest expense a school district has to bear and yet the Board completely fails to disclose any information to the public prior to the actual vote.

    If I had to guess, this agreement probably covers the next 3 years at a cost to the taxpayers of over $150 million.

    Of note is the fact that they scheduled a closed session prior to the actual vote in order to explain the details of the agreement to the Board.

    I’ve gotten the sense that some of the Board members don’t even know the full extent of the details of the agreement.

    Typically, an exemption to the Open Meetings Act allows a board to discuss collective bargaining issues/strategies in closed session, however, given that the agreement is finalized, what could they possibly be discussing in closed session that shouldn’t actually be discussed in open session?

    With the upcoming election, I had hoped to get on the Board and address this expiring labor contract, but it looks like this board has jammed through a new agreement prior to seating a new board that will now have to live with the contract’s long term consequences.

    Given that this district will have run up $45.3 million in deficits over the last 6 years with no end in sight, I am afraid they are just pouring more gas on the fire.

    We will have to wait until tonight when the board allows the public to see the details.

  2. And the taxpayer’s in mchenry township had a chance to reduce wasted government mostly mchenry residents who now fund McCollum lake interior road maintences

    .can’t fix stupid.

    Forest gumpville.

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