Sean Casten Provides 25-30 Minutes for Constituent Questions in Algonquin

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog after attending Congressman Sean Casten meeting in Algonquin:

The purpose of the meeting was a round table discussion on the partial government shutdown.

Jack Franks, McHenry County Board Chairman, was host and moderator. Approximately 120 people were in attendance.

In the opening remarks, Rep. Casten emphasized that the partial shutdown is not about border security – it is about two personalities – President Trump and Mitch McConnell.

He emphasized that there is bi-partisan agreement on the Democrat House Bills to fund the government that were approved but not taken up by the Senate.

He did also point out that there was a $1000 application fee for registering as a DACA recipient under the executive order that was originally written by President Obama.

Sarcastically, he said the wall would have been paid for if President trump did not cancel the Obama Executive Order.

Math tells me that there must be 5.3 M DACA eligible people in the US.

He also said the State of the Union Speech is “on Hold” as that is the No.1 security risk with the Super Bowl being the No.2 security risk.

He, and the Democrats, do NOT want people who have been deemed “essential” but not getting paid as security for those events.

There were a number of people who then talked for a few minutes each about how the shutdown is effecting them and what they could possibly do to help:

  • Two members of different credit unions indicated they could help people affected through bridge loans
  • Two people talked about how their food banks could help
  • Two union members talked about how the shutdown is hurting their members and that they still had to go to work without pay.
  • One union represented the airline maintenance workers.
  • One woman cited how difficult it is for her family – husband lost job prior to Christmas, she worked for the EPA and was furloughed so their family had went from two incomes to zero. She related what she was doing to save money and talked about fixed expenses e.g. day care for one, it still had to be paid or the child would lose its place.

With about 25 – 30 minutes left in the meeting, the floor was opened to questions.

One of the panel members had suggested drafting a new Constitutional Amendment that would prevent any future government shutdowns.

One “pro-wall” woman said she wanted border security/safety for American families.

Rep. Casten cited some murder statistics (I believe 2000+ convictions in 2018) and I think he may have said (not entirely sure) that a large number of people committing those murders had come across our northern border.

Then a gentleman got the floor and went on a “filibuster” about opening the government.

After a few minutes, Jack Franks asked to please ask your question and he said he was getting there and after another few minutes, I still don’t think he asked the question but he did advocate for nationwide referendum on border security.

As time was running out, a Republican woman stood and pleaded to ask Rep Casten one more question.

Jack Franks shut her down right at 11:00 indicating that Rep. Casten had to get to the airport.

Bottom line was still very much along the line that if the President and the Senate would just do what the Democrats want, there wouldn’t be a partial shutdown and the government would be fully open.

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Glen Swanson

Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Glen Swanson sent the following information:

Illinois 6th Congressional District Congressman Sean Casten, speaking in Algonquin, Illinois at the Village Hall on January 22nd, 2019 on the Federal Government Shutdown.

Yes, the meeting is influenced with Jack Franks moderating and selecting the questioners.

And Yes, he refused to acknowledge I had a question for Mr. Casten, which I informed prior of the meeting.

Instead he picked his buddy who took 10-15 minutes as whining to make a point.

Here is a copy of the video. I only have sound during the Q&A part.

Posted by Barbara DeRolf Lloyd on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I tried to get prompted by Jack Franks for a question, but he blew me off probably thinking I would make his new best friend Sean Casten look bad.

But we had an others who he didn’t know hit him until he let a Democrat filibuster the limited Q&A time away.

Same old Jack, he brought friends too!

My question, would have been what are you doing to end the Federal Shutdown?

Jack Franks puts his photo and name on the line in support of Sean Casten for Congress in the Democratic Party Primary Election.

It is easy to show the available food pantries, Credit unions in the area there to help and how certain agencies budgets can only last so long or people working and not getting paid until maybe later or the government worker sobbing telling about her and her husband in a non-priority group is suffering financial hardship, but, sorry, it looks more like he is digging in the trenches oppose to solving the issue.

Seeing the Franks-Casten bro-some love affair shows he is not representing the people of the district, but aligned with the party.

His speech, was to point the finger at Trump play the political power game using the people in District 6 who are suffering g the Federal Shutdown fallout as pawns.


Sean Casten Provides 25-30 Minutes for Constituent Questions in Algonquin — 15 Comments

  1. cringe and bluepilled.

    It’s as easy as this: liberals are talking out of their asses trying to pander to both open border commies and normal people who support borders.

    They say shit like it’s actually THEY who want border security. (rofl)

    Here’s how you play gotcha with these people, remain intellectual, and win an argument.

    1. How do we secure the border?
    2. Do you support securing the border and cracking down on illegal immigration?
    3. How much money do you want to spend to crack down on illegal immigration vs Trump?

    Either they are sincere about their want to “actually” cut down on illegal immigration in which case we could use their suggestions, or they expose themselves as open borders commies and get btfo by normal people.

    I hear a lot of these retards talking about high tech surveillance. GOP should adopt that. Nobody who is for open borders would want radars, drones, and video surveillance on the border.

    And the Dem constituency is full of people who do not believe in borders. There is dishonesty going on, and it’s time to call it out.

    Start getting tough on these people. We don’t need some fat guy lurking in an audience spying, we need tough and wise men who will own the libs epic style.

  2. Where was prince Casten flying off to that he had leave some promptly.

    Remember, he works for US.

    Evidently he has no time to listen.

  3. Interesting that Peter Austin is there.

    Were there any other county board members present?

  4. Wow – a Representative that will actually meet with (and respond to) a group of constituents from BOTH sides of the aisle without having to submit questions beforehand?!?

    Perhaps our GOP boys would not have been swept out of power if they actually would LISTEN TO US like Casten.

    Whether or not you agree with their opinions it is encouraging to see Representatives that are actually connected and listening!

    Randy and Peter failed me.

    Failed us.

    Donald Trump likes to grab women by their genitals and brag about it in the locker room.

    Roy Moore likes 12 year old girls.

    Steve King wonders what is wrong with white supremacy beliefs.

    And people still vote for them cuz daddy did. History will remember.

    USA over GOP

  5. BOTH sides were NOT allowed to speak.

    Set up for a Casten supporter to filibuster without a question to use up time.

    One conservative got in a few words.

    Other Casten/Franks person got to talk and when 2 conservatives had questions, they were not allowed to speak.

    A BS show.

  6. Sean Casten was flying off to Congress, which reconvened during a scheduled at-home “district work week” to try to reopen the government.

  7. SuburbanRINO is a classic example of the product coming out of our public educations system – can’t read and comprehend but willingly behaves like a lemming.

    Be prepared for many more appearances of Franks in this type of forum prior to 2020 elections.

    Time to obtain some blow-up weasels to place outside wherever Franks or any elected Democrat is scheduled to be?

    Time to treat Demo Representatives the same way their supporters treated Republican Representatives.

  8. A commenter of the online version of the local newspaper said that Casten is a punk.

    Beyond that he is also one of those who is uncaring for human life by his abortion position which is Pro-Death for infants in the womb. Sean is on record as saying that an abortion is simply like an appendix removal. With his global warming, er climate change, positions he will likely align with the goofball 29-year old Democrat U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from NY who predicts that the earth will come to an end in 12 years.

  9. Can anyone explain why Porno Website traffic has increased to record levels, since the D.C. garbage people shutdown?

  10. So Casten, in his first three weeks in office has spent more time answering constituents’ questions than the guy replaced did in two years.

    As for “securing the border” we did that 13 years ago. Illegal immigration is at a 40 year low.

    You think we need more walls? Write a bill.

    Introduce it into Congress.

    That’s how this works!

  11. Evidently Casten toes to the dem party line, no free thinking, fake news.

    A Democratic congressional candidate from the Chicago area continued the claim that a chief aide to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh flashed “white power signs” during the hearing.

    The claims have been widely debunked.

    Illinois 6th District Democratic congressional candidate Sean Casten insisted during a debate on Monday that Zina Bash intentionally made a white supremacist signal during last week’s televised Senate confirmation hearing.

  12. Yes. Casten, like the vast majority of Democrats in the House, will probably toe the line and take orders from top Democrat leadership such as Nancy Pelosi.

    Democrats such as Pelosi and Schumer voted for and supported building wall segments during the administrations of Bush2 and Obama.

    Now, they do not support putting up walls where they are needed.

    The reason why is revenge for Trump’s victory over Hillary who was the worst ever candidate for president from either party in the history of the U.S. Democrats are crybabies, sore losers.

    Democrat politicians cannot be reasoned with and are irrational.

    They say border walls are not needed but that is in direct conflict with experts from the U.S. Homeland Security, ICE and the Border Patrol who say that walls are needed in certain places along the border and are effective.

    Democrats by virtue of their actions and rhetoric to condone sanctuary cities/states, opposition to border walls, compassion for ms13 gangs, desire to abolish ICE, etc, etc indicate that they are anti-American and anti law and order.

  13. This was obviously a political ploy to exploit the shutdown.

    Franks probably suggested it given that both he and Peter Austin were present.

    Casten was not really interested in hearing from constituents.

    That being said, the shutdown is a travesty and Trump is apparently coming unglued.

    He will guarantee his impeachment if he keeps this up.

  14. Don’t bother asking Casten anything, you can get an idea of what he’d say here:

    This is what a Democrat campaign ad would look like if they told it like it really is.

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