Kane County Judge Assigned to Tirio v. Illinois Integrity Fund Case

The McHenry County Circuit Court has decided no local judge should hear the case that McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio has filed against the cats paws for the Illinois Integrity Fund that may end up with McHenry County Board Chairman as a defendant.

Kane County Judge Kevin T. Busch has taken on the case.

A summary of his career follows:

He has a 1981 Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University and received a Law degree from John Marshall Law School in 1985.


Kane County Judge Assigned to Tirio v. Illinois Integrity Fund Case — 7 Comments

  1. Normally once a judge makes a substantive ruling, as has occurred here, he cannot be replaced.

    Looks very fishy.

  2. The action against Janice Dalton and Breaker Press was a miscellaneous remedy case to compel them to spill the beans about what they knew about who was behind the mailings in question.

    This is a different case – it’s the actual lawsuit against the alleged miscreants.

  3. Hearings in Kane County makes sense. Good decision by the McHenry County Circuit Court.

  4. No, it’s not a new case.

    Judge Costello has ruled that there is a prima facie case for defamation by not dismissing the complaint.

    That is the central issue here.

    Will the new judge try to reverse that or will it be considered the “law of the case”?

  5. This case was filed on 1/08/2019, and was originally assigned to Judge Meyer.

    The case against Breaker Press and Dalton was filed last April.

    I’m sure the defendants will attempt various shenanigans to try to get the case dismissed, but it will most likely be decided by a jury.

  6. So it begins to appear that McHenry County cannot clean up its own laundry.

    What are we to expect if other cases are filed, will the McHenry Judiciary dump them all on their friends in Kane County.

    Only time will tell but 30 days is a short time to wait.

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