McSweeney Moving On Outmigration

Look what showed up today from State Rep. David McSweeney:

“Over 45,000 Illinoisans fled our state between 2017-2018” says the text.

Illinois’ population has continued to decline as families flee from the crippling high taxes.

We need to keep residents and jobs in our state, not push them out!

Do you agree that we need to CUT taxes, not raise them?


McSweeney Moving On Outmigration — 4 Comments

  1. Until some Legislators quit screwing around with useless Legislation and work actively to slow down the tax and spend train, the exodus will continue.

    Just today the Governing Magazine posted an article about income tax collections being down:

    Illinois was not included so I asked why.

    Here is the response: “The data is from the ten most populous states with an income tax AND that had data available. I thought I had entered that in the text but if that’s not clear I know it is laid out in the data box.

    It may not surprise you to know that Illinois’ most recent data available from their website is from September!”

    Maybe people leave as much for the ‘dysfunction’ in the state as they do because of taxes?

    There are seven states with higher total tax burdens than Illinois based on what Wallet Hub publishes.

    However, if you are in the country without legal status, this State and California are the place to be.

  2. If you are an illegal, misfit or a bum, then CA is where you want to be. Plenty of sanctuaries in the State, the goofball governor wants to provide medical for everyone including illegals. Also, CA is a Democrat stronghold. The State of the discredited Senator Feinstein (shenanigans in the Kavanaugh matter) and the other goofball senator.

  3. Bred winner, give the new Illinois governor some time.

    This state will catch up to the liberal madness in California.

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