Pam Althoff Destined to Be in Headlines on Marijuana Issues

From the Illinois News Network:

Former Republican state Senator Pam Althoff to lead Illinois Medical Cannabis Alliance

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois News Network

Recently retired Republican state Sen. Pam Althoff voted against medical marijuana back in 2009, but she voted for the idea just four years later, and she voted to make pot possession a civil fine in Illinois.

She’s now the head of the Illinois Cannabis Alliance. That’s the trade group that focuses on Illinois’ medical marijuana industry.

The group should play a role as Illinois lawmakers look to move toward legal, Althoff said.

“We’ve gone through the regulation and development of the medical cannabis program,” she said. “We’d like to provide some insight, and be a resource, as the state moves forward with possibly recreationalizing marijuana.”

Illinois state Sen. Pam Althoff, R-McHenry, speaks at a press conference in Chicago on Monday, June 4, 2018. Governor Bruce Rauner and House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, look on.
Photo credit: John Spataro | Illinois News Network

Althoff said the medical marijuana industry has already learned many of the lessons that the recreational marijuana industry will need to know.

“The people who are still a part of the medical program, both from the dispensing and cultivating side, feel that they have a lot of information and experience that they would like to share as [recreational marijuana] may potentially move forward,” Althoff said.

Althoff said there is still a need for medical marijuana, to make sure people who are sick get the medicine they need.

Lawmakers in Springfield are expected to vote on a recreational marijuana plan this spring, although it could take some time to roll out the program.


Pam Althoff Destined to Be in Headlines on Marijuana Issues — 10 Comments

  1. Three dopes at the podium personify what is wrong with the Illinois GOP.

  2. With this F’wits involvement, it’s guaranteed people will prefer taking their business to small independent, minority owned enterprises.

  3. Medical marijuana has helped a lot of people lead happier more productive lives.

    It does wonders for depressed, angry, bitter people…..Abe.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Remember, Althoff was a huge supporter of video gaming also.

    Just like McSweeney is pushing unwise legislation relative to Townships, Althoff pushed unwise legislation to have video gaming start and expand.

    We tend to elect Legislators who cannot see the forest for the trees but have no problem kowtowing to the weasels.

    “As gambling moved outside casinos, tax revenue earmarked for state education funding dropped, resulting in a $70 million decline in education funding between 2013 and 2017.”

    Guess how that $70,000,000 was made up for? Yes! Your property taxes! Thank you Pam and Jack and Mike!

    When I found out that the LIAR and Althoff were ‘joined at the hip’ I knew the voters were supporting a very dangerous Legislator – one who could give a ‘rat’s #$$ about her fellow citizens but could lie and smile just like her local evil twin.

    For those who read this far in the post, if you want to see the highest volume video gaming site in Woodstock, go to the strip mall with the Jewel store and you will find “Penny’s” at the north western end of the mall.

    Last year they reported an amount played of $9,865,755.44.

    Here is what local municipalities reported for 2018:

    Algonquin $26,385,696.81
    Bull Valley $196,712.92
    Cary $21,643,042.28
    Crystal Lake $26,868,473.83
    Fox Lake $73,308,380.57
    Fox River Grove $23,853,196.03
    Harvard $30,029,221.34
    Huntley $40,940,326.56
    Island Lake $17,997,236.09
    Johnsburg $28,993,599.23
    Lake In the Hills $48,330,003.34
    Marengo $22,391,940.32
    McCullom Lake $5,727,558.21
    McHenry $112,160,759.28
    McHenry County $69,372,572.06
    Spring Grove $14,520,348.79
    Woodstock $50,119,440.64

    Note Althoff’s home town leads the parade.

    Most of you know one person who lives in McHenry that was a major participant.

  5. So the people making some $$$$$ off of med want some of the pie $$$$ once it’s wide open.

    Got it!

  6. Joe,

    So happy that I triggered you, it really makes my day … just sayin’. MAGA#45

  7. Whatever happened with Ben Yount’s career move? He left the Bloomington area and said he was getting a gig with some Milwaukee based media group and it doesn’t look like he’s a regular. As far as I can tell, he was a guest host one time up there and that was it. Did the land of cheese and opportunity kick him out and send him back to Illinois? He said he was leaving for greener fields; now it looks like he’s writing for INN again. Sad stuff.

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