Phone Activity of Bob Miller after GOP Primary Defeat by Andrew Gasser for Algonquin Township Road District

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller – Phone Gate

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –It appears from the records, the former Algonquin Township Road District Highway Commissioner Bob Miller was a busy man just prior to departing office.

It appears at least 12 phone numbers were transferred from their public billing to private billing and at least two new phones purchased before Miller departed.

We understand that missing phones are part of the claims in the Road District suit against Miller and it appears the documents we have obtained confirm phone purchases and numerous phone number transfers took place right before his leaving office.

It appears to have started with the conversion of his Road District phone to a personal account as outlined in this email communication with Verizon.

What happens during the last Township meeting where Miller was still the Highway Commissioner?

Trustee Shea led the charge in a yes vote to approve a Verizon bill that was not part of the bills in the board packet nor on the agenda totaling $772.09.

Considering it was not on the agenda nor in the board packet with the other bills, it appears Trustee Shea was a party to violating the Open Meetings Act by approving items that were not properly noticed to the public.

Considering all of the phone purchases and transfers above, it appears this bill was submitted as to avoid it from being placed on the agenda properly and dealt with by the newly elected Highway Commissioner.  Download the minutes at this link.

A note of interest, part of our FOIA lawsuit deals with Verizon phone records that were not provided.

Questions for the authorities investigating this matter, which were not part of the prior investigation report from the State’s Attorney:

  • Why are new phones being purchased for people that are leaving?
  • Where are the purchased phones?
  • Were all of these publicly paid for phones and numbers?
  • Is it legal to convert public property to personal property?

Stay tuned for additional exposure to how a public sector employee can go on a vacation cruise right before leaving employment and still get paid 80 hrs of regular time and 9 hours of overtime while vacationing!

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Phone Activity of Bob Miller after GOP Primary Defeat by Andrew Gasser for Algonquin Township Road District — 4 Comments

  1. FYI you’re missing a few phone numbers and phone numbers that still exist that are still used at the township today so maybe you forgot to tell the facts of the whole story oh wait that would require you to tell all the true facts not just what u want people to hear!


    yeah that doesn’t work for you maybe you should learn how to spell people’s names right if your going to post peoples phone numbers Kirk misdirection once again keep it going you’re as clear as glass and everyone can see right through you for who u are con

  2. And once again, assumptions show how little people know of what is going on.

    I published EVERY document that was available.

    Nothing was withheld and nothing was forgotten.

    I can’t publish what I don’t have.

    I have no doubt there are other phones involved but how on earth can that be reported when we don’t have the records?

    If names got misspelled, let me know which ones and I will correct it.

    If spelling is the best you can find then I would say we did pretty well.

    What “true” facts were not told?

    Oh do tell.

    Might pay attention to the questions asked before you get too far in front of you ski’s.

    There is no misdirection in the article.

    Simply exposed what happened with phones before Miller left office.

    Are you defending his actions?

    This was NOT part of the initial investigation by Kenneally but understand it is part of a secondary investigation by the state.

    I doubt anything will come of it but the truth needs to be shared.

    Disprove the information and we will correct it.

    Considering we provided the actual documents it will pretty amazing to say this is wrong information.

  3. not a liar is someone who has clearly mastered the English language.

  4. Illinois f’wits all want something for nothing.

    Miller just put a new spin on it.

    Give the suckers nothing for something.

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