Illinois Leaks Continues Looking at Payroll Data under Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission:

Algonquin Township – Anna May Miller and travel gate

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Over fifty Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to Algonquin Township & Road District from the local paper and not a single request for records pertaining to Bob Miller, the former Road District Highway Commissioner.

That is based on records provided through an FOIA request.

We did find a single request related to Anna May Miller, the wife of Bob Miller who was employed by her husband and also a McHenry County Board member.

“A payroll report showing detailed compensation for Anna May Miller from 2012 to May 2017”

About now is the time I wish I had the music from Jeopardy playing……..

The above request was in January of 2018.

To date, nothing of any significance published by the paper regarding Anna May and her pay records, with a possible exception of the miscellaneous payouts done by the Millers.

What did the local paper miss?


Just prior to Bob Miller leaving office, he took a family vacation Caribbean Cruise with his wife, daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids.

Metadata recovered from online vacation pics of the Miller family reflect the photos were taken between the dates March 24th and March 31st, of 2017.

We have been told the Millers flew the day before and the day after the dates above, thus not at work March 23rd -April 1.

Within 24 hrs of our meeting with the authorities and providing certain information, to include a link to the photos online, the page was stripped of all data.


We retained all the information in our records as we don’t expect to see any accountability on this matter that we understand is being handled at the State level.

While nothing official may come of this, the people need to know all of the things that went on, and since the local paper has yet to point to this matter we felt it time to start sharing what they either won’t or have not been able to figure out.

During the March 23, 2017 – April 52017 pay period Anna May documented her pay as 80 regular hrs plus 9 hrs overtime. See Anna May Pay record

The pay period reflects ten work days and 2 weekends (14 days total).

Based on the calendar for that period, that leaves only three work days to work 89 hrs.  In short, there is not enough time in a day, and no that is not a joke.

We have been told by the State’s Attorney’s office that Anna May handled all the payroll information.

It appears her payroll has been padded during a period where she was on vacation.

The pay record does not reflect any vacation days taken even though the metadata from online photos and travel information confirm she was on vacation with her family.

Our question to the authorities was simple.

How can a person go on vacation from work and collect regular pay for 89 hrs with so few actual work days in the pay cycle and do so without ever taking any actual vacation time from their earnings?

We do not believe this to be an accident as she knew Derek Lee, her son in law, was with her on the same vacation and his payroll record reflects he took 48 hrs of vacation time during that same pay period.

However, while vacation was appropriately recorded for Lee, he was also paid regular pay during this time for 36.5 hours along with 4.5 hrs of overtime.

Not bad for three work days in the pay cycle.

Stay tuned for the Payroll-gate series to continue with even more shocking math problems on the payroll records to include serious conflicts with County Records regarding mileage reimbursement and meeting attendance, or lack of.

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Illinois Leaks Continues Looking at Payroll Data under Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller — 11 Comments

  1. Don’t depend on Kenneally to do anything but sweep the criminality under the rug!

    Just like he did with the entire Miller Crime Syndicate.

    Just like he did undoing Bianchi’s charges against the “alternative life stylist” and member of the Brian Sager Fun Club, our old Coroner, Marelen Lantz, for skullduggery with an (aborted?) baby’s body.

  2. How about the fact she also claimed working for the McHenry county board 20 hrs a week to qualify for the pension benefits.

    Deduct another 20hrs.

    It’s about time someone looked into this.

    Our McHenry County States attorney has no balls.

    Smile for the cameras Pat.

  3. Re: “How about the fact she also claimed working for the McHenry county board 20 hrs a week to qualify for the pension benefits. Deduct another 20hrs. It’s about time someone looked into this. ”

    Not a defender of the Miller clan activity but:

    Please show me where this requirement existed while she was in office.

    Also, her salary was posted on line for many years.

    Her salary (and Bob’s) was mentioned several times on this blog but the voters apparently didn’t care.

    What you are asking Kenneally to prosecute is absolutely nothing compared to the lack of prosecution relative to the Benghazi disaster and the uranium sale.

  4. I can’t wait until these a-holes get sued out of existence.

    More so just the solopsistic Kirk Allen.

    Kraft at least posts reasonably good content without all the distracting emotional nonsense that Kirk injects.

  5. One other Question. If she failed to use vacation for the said period, how does she collect so much unused vacation pay?

  6. From Memory, there was an article a couple of years back in the NWH that some county board members signed affidavits to the effect that they worked 20 hrs per week on county board related activities to qualify for the board pension.

    My question is how did she work full time hours at the township and put in her 20 hrs at the county?

    Now tell what Kenneally has to do with Uranium one and Benghazi?

  7. I don’t believe Anna May Miller was on the County Board during the time in question.

  8. How long was she on the board? This was only a few years back. Again this is from memory.

  9. There is a software problem with payroll at AT, perhaps you should research that as your conclusions are off.

  10. Nob, c’mon come clean, admit you are Bobby Miller.

    And admit you’ve been an outed scammer.

    Try a new gig ——- something like vivisection, or a juice bar in Woodstock for teen runaways.

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