Robert Zalud Appointed Associate Circuit Court Judge

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court:

State’s Attorney Robert J. Zalud selected to fill vacant Associate Judgeship

(Woodstock, IL) Chief Judge James S. Cowlin is pleased to announce that Robert J. Zalud was selected by the Circuit Judges of the 22 nd Judicial Circuit, McHenry County, Illinois, as an associate judge to fill the current vacancy.

The Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, Marcia Meis, certified the selection of Mr. Zalud on January 28, 2019.

Robert Zalud

Mr. Zalud attended Marquette University, graduating with his B.A. in Criminology and Legal Studies.

He then attended Northern Illinois University College of Law where he received his Juris Doctor in May, 2008.

After admittance to the Illinois Bar, Mr. Zalud served in the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, the law firm of Donahue and Walsh P.C., and the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office as an Assistant State’s Attorney and most recently as the First Assistant
State’s Attorney.

As part of his duties in the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, Mr. Zalud was responsible for prosecuting serious felony offenses such as murder and armed robbery.

Additionally he served as the prosecuting attorney in the 22nd Judicial Circuit’s Drug Court program, working with other judicial partners to aid in the rehabilitation of drug addicted criminal offenders.

Mr. Zalud has been active with the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors for the Illinois Association of Problem Solving Courts, and Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of McHenry County.

Mr. Zalud currently resides in Nunda Township.

The future Judge said, “I am incredibly humbled and honored for this opportunity.”


Robert Zalud Appointed Associate Circuit Court Judge — 19 Comments

  1. Another flunkey appointment.

    NIU law ‘Skool’, great!

    How about appointing people who aren’t sold out to Cowlin?

  2. Congrats Mr.Zalund if you administer justice with half the zeal and tenacity that you prosecuted your cases our judicial system and the public will be the primary beneficiary of this appointment.

    Good job and well deserved.

  3. Not a bad choice, but not really a very good one either.

    Lost some easy cases, won a few difficult ones. Maybe too pc.

    Thinks he’s smarter than he is, but who doesn’t?

    Saw a lawyer from Wisconsin make him look like a monkey in a case I was in, but I did see him tie up a couple perps who thought testifying in their own case would help.

    Always seems tired.

  4. @DeputyDoom

    Why is it a common theme with you that no one in or associated with criminal justice administration is worth a lick?

    Are you one of those who is so adept at enforcing the law that any failure in the courts simply must be someone else’s fault or are you just another hater?

  5. Dix, “How about appointing people who aren’t sold out to Cowlin?”

    Care to venture an explanation?

    Give-I asked him the same once before, when he was bitchin about An SA prosecuting his cases.

    It was always the lawyers fault.

  6. This guy would look good in a Fez and sunglasses.

    A cool Saharan-Noir fashion statement to blend with the Illinois circus.

  7. Robert, huge congratulations on a well-deserved selection.

    Those who know you are happy to have someone with your qualifications, sense of honesty and dedication in a position of trust.

    Kudos to you.

    Ignore the ignorant comments and keep making us proud.

  8. Hey “Break punk”, I’ve seen too much to be surprised at the parade of terrible prosecutors who consorted with Pack and then wound up on the bench because they would air too much dirty laundry about sitting judges, et al.,

    Then you have the politically connected crook judges like the fellow reprimanded for cow-towing to Bob Miller.

    Most of the Deputies, state troopers, and most of the muni LE are very good to excellent.

    The MCCD cops are keystone-ish and superfluous.

    McCullom Lake, Cary and McHenry PDs are laughable, but for different reasons, although there are v good individuals in those forces.

    Crystal Lake PD was notorious under Nygren, but seems to be better now …. at least the corruption is now better hidden.

    A few are duds….. Nygren, Zinke &wife, Greg Pyle of course, and others.

    Bianchi was the best SA in my book , that’s why the rats attacked him so.

  9. Wow. I didn’t know there were so many legal scholars in the comment section of this blog.

  10. @Stephen Pokorny

    LOL! Yeah, I’ve dealt with his kind (presumably) of LE before. Charge with a crap complaint and expect the prosecution to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse or the judge to be asleep and miss his mistakes.

    My guess is that Dippity Doom couldn’t find a crook in prison!

  11. I know nothing about this man, but I do agree with Dix that the bottom tier law schools are way overrepresented on the local bench.

    Illinois pays judges really well; you’d think we could do better than grads of law schools like NIU, SIU, and John Marshall.

  12. Certain regulars on this blog spew general allegations of corruption regarding the judiciary every time a chance arises.

    Challenged for specific instances or evidence, they go silent.

    They are anonymous cowards.

    Mr Zalud has a reputation as a fine young lawyer.

    “Young” is relative here.

    He’s experienced but young enough for a long career on the bench.

  13. Bob Zalud? Really?

    The only reason he’s “selected” is because Mary McClelland had five votes going into the fake election, and the remaining judges didn’t like the optics of that, given her seventh circuit court of appeals sanction for multiple deliberate deceits and lying about evidence.

    Not to mention her weird practices as County Clerk/Jerk (recall her husband’s hiring, recall her various election fiascos, recall her numerous lies, recall her appearances at her “office” to collect her checks and leaving the office to be totally run by others.

    Since anybody short of Michael Fleck and Joe Gottemoller (Franks’ stooges) would be far, far better than Little Mary Moonshine, why not Zalud?

    He can read at least.

    And he even passed the Illinois bar exam on his first try, unlike Obama, his wife, Richey Daley, and 3 sitting McH Co judges who also graduated from subpar law school.

  14. Who the hell cares about Zalut. These loafers never did an honest days work.

    As things fall apart, these bureaucrats are endangered.




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