Janice Dalton’s Missing Postage Report, Mary McClellan’s Spending for Judge Race

When former McHenry City Clerk Janice Dalton ran against McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio in the Republican Primary Election last year, she made a joint mailing with McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, who was a candidate for Judge.

Joint mailing for Mary McClellan and Janice Dalton.

I was reminded of this when a reader pointed out that Breaker Press did the printing for the post card.

Looking at the campaign finance reports from both candidates, I found the following contributions and spending, none of which, it turns out had to be reported because the total was under the $5,000 threshold:

  • $2,000 – Law Officew of Donahue and Walsh, McHenry
  • $300 – Susan Zeller, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Martha Buss, McHenry
  • $250 – Ron and Anastasia Nye, South Barrington
  • $250 – Laura Wfeffer, McHenry
  • $200 – Karen Eberling, McHenry
  • $755 – too small to report individually

Expenditures were

  • Breaker Press – $2,600
  • Awesome Campaigns – $488
  • Unrevealed because under $150 – $900.20

Mary McClellan’s Political Action Committees was called Friends to Elect Mary McClellan.

At the end of June before the March, 2018, Primary Election, her fund has $3,505.72 in the bank.

Contributions and a loan since then follow:

  • $10,000 – Mary McClellan loan that was not consummated
  • $6,661.77 – Operating Engineers for Diversified Direct, Inc., Bridgeview
  • $6,090 – Operating Engineers for GG Media
  • $2,000 – NIR, Huntley
  • $1,000 – Alliance Contractors, Inc., Woodstock (Charles Ruth)
  • $1,000 – Cheers Holdings, LLC, Marengo (Charles Ruth)
  • $500 – International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, Countryside
  • $500 – Intren, Union
  • $500 – Timothy Lynn, Union
  • $350 – Construction and General Laborers, Burr Ridge
  • $294 – CL Chamber of  Commerce for “Field Work”
  • $250 – Patrick Driscoll, Jr,
  • $250 – Gary Lang, McHenry
  • $250 – McHenry County Building Trades, Crystal Lake
  • $242.45 – Daniel Kirk, Chicago
  • $200 – Michael Fitzgerald, McHenry
  • $193 – Chris Wallace, Chicago
  • $150 – Theodore Thayer, Crystal Lake
  • $7,396.29 was received in amounts under $150

Spending in amounts of over $150 is below:

  • $11,700 – Post Office
  • $9,275 – Breaker Press for printing ($35 for gasoline)
  • $3,731 – A G E Graphics, Ohio
  • $361.38 – Home Depot for supplies
  • $300 – Crystal Lake Rib House for room rental
  • $187.95 – Sam’s Club for fund raising advertising and promotional items

So, why all the detail from the two campaigns?

Since McClellan’s name is on the joint postcard, it is certainly possible that she could have paid for the postage.

However, if she did, that would have been aa “in-kind contribution” reported on Dalton’s campaign report and either an “expenditure” or a a “transfer out” on McClellan’s.

None of those appear.


Janice Dalton’s Missing Postage Report, Mary McClellan’s Spending for Judge Race — 12 Comments

  1. As they say the devil is in the details.

    Within a very few weeks a number of lawsuits will be filed in McHenry County which will completely uncover the real devil behind the details.

    It seems a shame to spend so much money to show you what you already know.

  2. Alabama shake thought use of word slush fund was a weak connection in an earlier post.

    Curious what he/she thinks now.

    The Chicago-Franks Machine needs to find a new printer, probably already has.

    Good sleuthing by MCB readers.

    And thanks to them we all now know there will be more.

    Too bad NW Herald reporters are too busy jockeying for a job on the Franks payroll to actual do what they claim to be “trained” for.

  3. Ruth/Cheers and Allisnce Contractors are listed ownrrs of many acres of parcels in Woodstock across from Walmart receiving ehat most citizens would consider extraordinarily favorable tax assessments.

    Now those parcels can be sold for extraordinary values due to the recently approved Woodstock TIF which will, on information and belief, supply at least 30% of development cost gift to developers of that property, at Woodstock taxpayers’ expense.

    It is remarkable is that Woodstock is a 4% property tax rate community subsidizing huge acreages of properties zoned conmercial/indistrial which have been paying zero property taxes.

  4. this does not surprise me, Mary McClellan wanted to be a Judge and made so many BAD judgement calls in the last 5 years…

    Maybe she thinks she is so smart she can get away with this and no one will notice

    Or she is really that DUMB and dont know any better…???

  5. So if this mailer went out to the entire county, and Mary spent about $20K on mailings plus nearly $4K on graphic design, her in kind contributions should have put Dalton over the threshold to file, especially considering that she spent $2K on attorney fees to get on the ballot and another $2K on other payouts.

    She only had $1000 head room.

    The in kind should have certainly put her over $5K.

    It wasn’t listed at all.


  6. **Alabama shake thought use of word slush fund was a weak connection in an earlier post. Curious what he/she thinks now.””

    I still think that Jack Franks and friends don’t own the phrase “slush fund,” and the fact that both campaigns used “slush fund” proves nothing.

    Adding that both used the same printer?

    Still means nothing.

    Breaker Press is one of the top union printers in the area.

    If you’re going to use a union printer for your political mail, Breaker is on the short list.

  7. Re: “If you’re going to use a union printer for your political mail, Breaker is on the short list.”

    The union lists 25 different print companies in Chicago.

  8. **Both would’ve been better off spending a little money on a couple of wigs. Lord! these mailers look like ‘old desperate lesbiansR-us’.**

    Wow. What is wrong with you?

  9. **The union lists 25 different print companies in Chicago.**

    What’s your point?

    I didn’t say that Breaker was one of just a few union printers.

    I said Breaker is on the short list of union printers that folks use for political print jobs.

    Breaker have one if the top political union print shops.

  10. Poor Alabama, just like the Tide, he got wiped out.

    When leftist scum rant, I bide my time. Yes Alabama, tick tick.

  11. Huh?

    Did the incoherent Angel all of a sudden become an incoherent right wing commenter?

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