Circuit Court Judges Select Assistant State’ Attorney Robert Zalud as Associate Judge Passing Over Eighteen Others

Robert Zalud

McHenry County Blog printed the press release about McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Zalud has been elected by the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court Judges to fill the Associate Court judicial vacancy.

Now, let’s look at the competition.

This is a post for which nineteen lawyers applied, including former County Board member Joe Gottemoller and former McHenry County Clerk and Circuit Court candidate Mary McClellan applied.

Here are those who applied:

Sole practitioners

The seal of the 22nd Circuit Court.

  • William J Bligh
  • Steven W. Jaenicki
  • Dawn M. Roth
  • Jeanette M. Schwemler


  • Jeffrey J. Altman (Donahue and Walsh)
  • Kevin A. Chzanowski (Zukowski, Rogers, Flood and McArdle)
  • Michael G. Cortina (SmithAmundsen)
  • Michael J. Fleck (head of his own law firm)
  • Joseph Gottemoller (head of his own law firm)
  • Nicholas Johnson (Querrey and Harrow)
  • Thomas J. Kasper (Mohr, Sullivan and Kasper)
  • Cynthia D. Lamb (Campion, Curran, Lamb and Cunabaugh)
  • Hans A. Mast (Compton Law Group)
  • Mary E. McClellan (County Clerk when applied, associate with Com Ed)
  • Cynthia A. Schaupp (Walker Wilcox Matousek and Special Attorney General)
  • Thomas B. Spencer (Roth and Melei)

Assistant State’s Attorneys

  • Sharyl D. Eisenstein
  • Scott J. Jacobson
  • Robert J. Zalud

It has been twelve years since an Assistant State’s Attorney has been named to the bench,

His name is Rob Beaderstadt.  He retired in 2015.


Circuit Court Judges Select Assistant State’ Attorney Robert Zalud as Associate Judge Passing Over Eighteen Others — 5 Comments

  1. A list of brown nosers, yes-men/women, Marshall Law flips, Shylock types, Cowlin cronies, namby-pambies, ninnies, nimrods and at least one outright scam-artist (You know who she is and her name ain’t Dawn, Cynthia or “Sharyl”)

    But I wonder if she had this ‘accolade’ on her resume:

    Think about it folks, why would the sanctioned liar even bother to apply with that on her escutcheon?

    Answer: Because she had 6 votes from the existing bench judges!

    Yes, she did! And she came in second.

    Mr. Zalud ended up the anti-Mc put up

  2. @MoronofLaManch

    Let’s call BS on your post!

    Where on earth would you get the vote tally for selection of an Associate Judge?

    Answer: You Wouldn’t!

    Only the Circuit Judges vote on the selection/retention of an Associate Judge.

    McHenry County has seven Circuit Judges.

    Do you actually expect us to believe that six of the seven were insane enough to vote for the idiot savant?

    And that one judge had enough “weight” to pick Robert Zalud contrary to the wishes of the rest of the bench?

    Dream on Moron Man.

    Oh, wait, you’re dreaming the Impossible Dream!

  3. Isn’t there a ‘polling’ of all the judges, associate and full, although only the fulls actually vote.

    I think there used to be under Sullivan, maybe that’s all out now.

    The whole selection process is clothed in so much secrecy.

    It’s some kind of collegiality thing, so I suppose LaMancha gossip could be right, but how the hell does even know unless he’s somehow connected.

    The judges do blab a lot.

    I was sitting on a Metra train once and overheard a judge in front of me hotly complain about some lady judge who demanded to run as a circuit judge but had to back off because he himself wanted to upgrade from associate.

    He droned on and on how terrible she was, blah, blah, blah.

    It was an eye-opener to me.

    The pettiness and minutia of the whole thing is both funny and sad.

    Steve Haugh would have been a great judge, he tried.

    Who really controls things.

    That’s the problem!

    Robert Zalud seems ok,

    I hope he turns out to be fair.

  4. Tiffany Davis is a former McHenry County State’s Attorney who is currently a Judge.

    She was put on the bench a year or two ago.

  5. @minne

    Polling took place for this position under Judge Sullivan’s tenure per this Northworst Herald article.

    As I really would rather rely on a Wiki post by seven drunken monkeys over the Herald’s reportage, I did some additional digging (you can too) and found nothing to indicate that sitting Associate Judges play any part in the selection of a new Associate.

    I found that Illinois Supreme Court Rule 39(B) sets forth the selection procedure for appointment and retention of Associate Judges in Illinois.

    Associate Judges (other than by submitting a request for appointment or reappointment) play NO PART in the selection/retention process.

    So, once again:

    Seven Circuit Judges = Seven Votes.

    The claim that the Idiot Savant garnered six votes and Mr, excuse Judge Zalud, got the win with a single vote is, er, ah. . . You get the picture.

    Perhaps if the Idiot Savant was reporting the results we’d have an explanation.

    I wonder, is she?

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