LITH Man Tells of Being Left Out of Mosquito Contral

From James Wilson, an unincorporated Lake in the Hills resident:

So it is very interesting to me that mosquito spraying has come up.

I live in LITH section 12B unincorporated with non-dedicated roads, Crystal Creek surrounding the neighborhood on one side, the creek that is fed from Vulcan lakes out of the material plant on the other side, and we are a FEMA floodway.

With that being said the mosquitoes get get really really bad over here, and I have a 10 y/o daughter in which the the little pests love to feast on to the point were a few times I couldn’t even let her play outside near the end of the summer.

Previous years when Bob Miller ran the Road district we were sprayed for mosquitoes, when they started getting bad I called Andrew Gasser and asked when they would be spraying. he explained that due to my road being “Non-dedicated” that he could not perform the service because my road was not part of the Road District.

I called Chuck Lutzow he had no other information to help me other than a suggestion to try calling McHenry County, which I did, I spoke with a gentleman who’s name I wish I wrote down, but he was going to look into my questions and get back to me and never did.

My stance is that while my road is non-dedicated and I receive no assistance from the Road District because my road is not a Road District road, a simple concept that I can accept, however my property and neighborhood is part of the Township, what do mosquitoes have to do with my broken apart dilapidated, crumbling road?

Short answer, nothing.

I was able to find out by calling other townships that if you qualify for mosquito spraying you need to have a line item on your TAX bill to pay for it.

We’ve all heard about the 7000 layers of government, well the Abatement District is one of them.

I reached out to at least 1 dozen people I know who live in unincorporated ALG Township on Dedicated roads that received mosquito spraying this summer and asked them to take a peek at their tax bill to see if they had a line item for mosquito spraying, and none of them did.

So people who paid the exact same amount of township taxes that I do received more services than I do because my road is non dedicated.

The best part is when the spraying took place it was done via helicopter, so the roads never came into play.

The township is providing services that are not paid for by the people, then choosing who gets them and who doesn’t.

Seems like I should have some sort of Civil complaint, but what I really want is to be sprayed for mosquitoes.

If someone has any other information or can determine that I an mis-informed I am happy to liste


LITH Man Tells of Being Left Out of Mosquito Contral — 5 Comments

  1. Re: “The township is providing services that are not paid for by the people, then choosing who gets them and who doesn’t.”


    But they are paid for by the people.

    Name me one service not paid for with tax dollars.

    If you are the James Wilson on McPhee, do you not live within the Municipality of LITH?

    If so, why was the Township spraying in your neighborhood?

  2. It’s like your typical Illinois imbecile, that buys next to an airport or expressway and wants taxpayers to fix the noise.

    Pro Tip for Morons: Cutter Fogger/Home Depot $5.99

  3. Tax bill for a McPhee address:

    SCHOOL DIST 300 5.870639 $4,564.83
    ALG LITH FIRE DIST 1.013270 $787.89
    MCHENRY COUNTY 0.901887 $701.29
    LAKE IN THE HILLS VILLAGE 0.846056 $657.87
    ALGONQUIN LIBRARY 0.576145 $447.99
    COLLEGE DISTRICT 509 ELGIN 0.512954 $398.86
    MCHENRY CO CONSV 0.244906 $190.43
    ALGONQUIN TWP RD & BR 0.152671 $118.71
    LITH SANITARY DIST 0.086130 $66.97
    ALGONQUIN TOWNSHIP 0.063774 $49.59
    LITH SSA 8B 0.037103 $28.85
    TOTAL 10.305535 $8,013.28

    $650.87 to the Municipality, $118.71 to the Road District.

  4. Just make townships run nursing homes, orphanages, sex education programs for kids under 7 who feel they are transgendered, and ice cream parlors for seniors. All things for all people, even the illegal aliens, incarcerated felons and our, poor, poor school superintendents along with people who are 400 lbs and over.

    It’s all good! Taxpayers be damned!

  5. I am not on McPhee and I pay the Same amount in taxes as all the other unincorporated sections of Algonquin Township and the Road District, I am not asking for anything I have not paid the same as everyone else who received services.

    I am referring to the fact that there isn’t a line item for mosquito abatement tax on the tax bill, but the Township is choosing to spray for mosquitoes anyway.

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