People Hired by County Government during Fiscal Year 2018 – Part 3

A Friend of McHenry County Blog did some exploration of those on the McHenry County payroll from December 2017 through November 2018 and pulled out the new hires.

There were 190.

“Total compensation” includes not only salary, but also health benefits, vacation and sick pay, plus uniform allowance.

The figures are what was projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year.

This is based on the employee’s wage and the number of hours the position is budgeted to work in the payroll system.

It doesn’t reflect actual wages.

We’ll post about fifty a day.

Leracz,Robert J EMA Planner $44,686.98
Letendre,Adam M Director, Purchasing $120,125.40
Leverenz,Hope D Registry – CNA $4,254.25
Luna,Stephanie Clerk I $27,924.00
Lykouretzos,Samantha M Clerk I $48,691.30
Lynford,Shannon N Certified Nursing Asst I $22,971.00
Marsh,Jason S Business Analyst $72,671.22
Mathews,Anna M Court/Courtroom Spec I $36,708.72
Matijevic,Daniel S Deputy – Union $63,499.04
McCarty III,Michael F Marine Patrol I $11,122.80
McCoy,Kevin R Deputy – Union $62,984.00
Meyer,Matthew F Deputy – Union $84,873.20
Meyers,Alexandra R Coroner Intern $8,392.80
Meyers,Charles R Clerk I $41,736.20
Michelsen,Hailey A Registry – CNA $4,254.25
Miller,Samantha J Registry – CNA $4,254.25
Miller,Savanna F Certified Nursing Asst I $13,782.60
Mitchell,Alexis N Certified Nursing Asst I $23,494.90
Mitchell,Tesslynn D Registry – CNA $5,848.70
Molgado,Asetou C Certified Nursing Asst I $41,930.16
Murray,Dana M Probation Officer $65,515.78
Nakoneczny,Alexis J Registry – CNA $3,896.75
Namatovu,Bernadette C Public Health Nurse $68,119.18
Neilson,Denise E Recorder Spec I $39,259.70
Nellessen,Andrew M DOT Maint Worker $61,720.00
Ness, Suzanne County Board Member $20,999.94
Ocampo,Mark A Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Oliver,Charlie T Groundwater Protection Spec $41,886.00
Ortega,Maria G Administrative Specialist I $13,913.25
Ortiz Gonzalez,Felipe E Asst Cook/Food Service Worker $23,205.00
Ostrem,Matthew O Marine Patrol I $11,122.80
Palaszewski,Bartosz K Deputy – Union $62,984.00
Palek,Jennifer L Activity Assistant $8,175.62
Palmas,Jason U Correctional Officer – Union $75,010.00
Paroongsup,Jasmine N Legal Admin Specialist I $33,462.00
Parrish, Lori County Board Member $20,999.94
Partida,Adriana Certified Nursing Asst I $22,971.00
Pascente,Christian J Court/Courtroom Spec I $24,375.00
Patfield,Ana I Certified Nursing Asst I $37,612.68
Peck,Shaina E Registry – RN $18,720.00
Peluso,Julia N Registry – CNA $5,848.70
Peterson,Judith A VH Admin Spec I $7,924.80
Pickett,Constance M Public Health Nurse $26,923.00
Pienschke,Cailyn N Registry – CNA $5,848.70
Porter,Jesse R Information Technology Spec $52,792.70
Portillo,Orlando Deputy Coroner/Investigator $59,543.60
Potoczky,Jessica L Deputy Coroner/Investigator $14,820.00
Quinn,Colleen A Custodian I $36,451.70
Ramirez,Janet Administrative Specialist I $20,866.16
Ramirez,Maria G Registry – CNA $4,254.25

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