Politics as “a Full Contact Sport” Decried

A letter to the Northwest Herald written by Lake in the Hills resident Deborah Jenssen and published here with her permission:

Something’s afoot in McHenry County government

Something’s afoot.

The past two election cycles notably were the most brutal and despicable.

We must ask ourselves, what has changed?

Jack Franks

I would submit the introduction of Chicago-type politics that have poisoned the well.

Recipients of all that has been dirty in the past two cycles were clear opponents of Jack Franks and his Machiavellian initiatives.

One might argue that the brunt of the dire play occurred in the primary process and, as such, was attributable to internal party struggles.

Joe Tirio

Because of the tenacity of Joe Tirio, we now know this is not the case.

Indeed, Franks has been named under penalty of perjury by his longtime political affiliates faced with incarceration.

I recall hearing that “politics is a full-contact sport.”

Oh, yeah, it was Franks who said that.

We can only expect more to follow.

No civility.


Politics as “a Full Contact Sport” Decried — 8 Comments

  1. Maybe if people hadn’t allowed this local government panopticon, to become a half- billion, taxing to oblivion leviathan.

    Than these elections wouldn’t be gladiator style struggles, that allows power hungry narcissists to justify this vitriol.

  2. The purpose of this was obvious.

    To cow the rest of the County Board Members into submission.

    It has worked……

  3. “Chicago – Type Politics” ?

    As in DEMOCRAT – type politics ?

    Careful now, you may “trigger” Joey Blowhard … and you wouldn’t want that.

  4. 1984

    Brave New World

    Aesop’s Fables

    Read them to understand this is not a unique time in human history.

    This isn’t remotely a comprehensive reading list but we do try to keep things simple for our liberal readers as anything more than three suggestions would be too much.

    Jack isn’t liberal or conservative but he is a catamite for anyone with money and/or power.

    If Republicans had power in Illinois Jack would suck right up to them…. Waaaaaaiiit a minute…

    McHenry County had Republicans in power!!!

    Jack sucked up to them too!!

    Jack isn’t smart or original or even remotely powerful.

    Jack isn’t the boogie man.

    Weak stick County Board members, suck up County Executives and ignorant (spectacularly so) voters allow this puff of air in a hurricane to survive here in McHenry County.

    Work for Tirio.

    Give money to Tirio’s campaign.

    Walk to six houses next to yours and talk to your neighbors.

    Call your County Board member.

    Waiting for someone else to stomp idiot servile Franks for you is exactly why this behavior will continue indefinitely.

    Where are the Citizens anymore?

  5. Thanks to all of you for your support, especially Deborah for submitting the letter.

    The fight isn’t nearly over.

  6. I have to ask- what about the brutal attack on Lou Bianchi a few years back? That had to be the dirtiest political trick in our county’s history- Bianchi ended up on trial for crimes he didn’t commit. And it was by Republicans, for Republicans and the folks involved all are still active and unscathed.

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