“Ghost Candidates” Condemned by Chicago Tribune

Sunday, the Chicago Tribune ran an editorial entitled, “The odd memory losses of Speaker Madigan.”

It reflects on the deposition taken of Mike Madigan in the case filed by Democratic Party Primary Election opponent Jason Gonzales.

The case contends that Madigan put nominal candidates on the ballot in order to make it easier for Madigan to win.

He often puts a plant in the Republican Primary as well so he will not have a real opponent in the fall.

These three paragraphs hit home:

So, what does that have to do with McHenry County?

Think back to 2016 when Jack Franks parade driver ran in the Republican Primary Election against Steve Reick.

Franks had no yet decided to run for County Board Chairman, but obviously did not want a real Republican opponent.

Reick turned back a petition challenge.

These article will help you remember the saga:

11-30-15 Mike Madigan Political Strategy in Jack Franks’ District

11-30-15 Franks’ Phantom GOP Candidate Strategy Thwarted, Reick Running Again

12-2-15 All Petition Passers for Steve Reick Sham GOP Primary Opponent, Except the Candidate, from Outside McHenry County, including Chicago

12-3-15 Franks Sign in Front of Fake Republican Candidate Jeff Lichte’s Home

12-3-15 Capitol Fax Picks Up Fake GOP St. Rep. Candidate Story

12-6-15 Sandra Salgado: Republican Party “Behind Steve Reick 100%,” GOP Primary Opponent Backs Jack Franks

12-7-15 Steve Reick’s State Rep. Petitions Challenged

12-28-15 Steve Reick Weighs In on Jack Frank’s Fake GOP Primary Opponent

1-4-16 Franks Not Serious Enough about Government Consolidation to Attend Half of Meetings

1-7-16 The Jeff Lichte Ploy to Save Jack Franks from Fall Competition

1-8-16 Next Hearing on Jack Franks’ Ally’s Objection to Steve Reick’s Petition

1-11-16 League of Women Voters Plays into Jack Franks’ Hand


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