County Auditor Catches Jack Franks’ Overcharging for Parking

Jack Franks

Jack Franks has sought to abolish the elected office of McHenry County Auditor.

He wanted to place his choice in the office temporarily until a County Board-authorized referendum could be passed last November.

And then institute an Inspector General as a replacement.

The excuse was the early retirement of County Auditor Pam Palmer the December before last.

The County Board did not take kindly to this Jack Franks initiative.

McHenry County Board member Jim Kearns was one of the first to congratulate Shannon Teresi on her selection to represent Republicans as their County Auditor candidate in last November’s election.

Franks was informed in no uncertain terms that his choice to replace Palmer would not be approved.

The County Board members favored promoting the amply qualified Chief Deputy Auditor Shannon Teresi to the post.

Facing certain defeat Franks capitulated and nominated Teresi.

More recently, the Franks-inspired legislation to change the rules of the game in McHenry County government through a bill sponsored by State Rep. David McSweeney included the abolition of the Auditor’s office.

It would be replace, just as Franks proposed last spring, with an Inspector General who would report pretty directly to himself.

As you look at the denial of an overcharge for parking in Chicago below, ask yourself if a subservient Inspector General would have refused to pay the improperly request extra $20.

All day parking at this Chicago parking garage was $48.

While the price for parking twenty-four hours was $48, Franks submitted a travel voucher for $68.

Jack Franks’ attempt to get reimbursed for $20 more than he paid to park in Chicago was rejected by the County Auditor.

Shannon Teresi rejected the payment of the improperly requested reimbursement.

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