David McSweeney Proposed 10% Real Estate Tax Cuts Over Two Years

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

Rep. David McSweeney Introduces Measure to Reduce All Illinois Property Tax Levies by 10%

Springfield, IL – State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) has introduced legislation to provide Illinois residents with some much-needed property tax relief.

David McSweeney

“We have to do more than just stop property taxes from increasing– we must find ways to lower the property tax burden in Illinois,” McSweeney said.

“To that end, I have filed a measure to reduce all property tax levies by 10 percent.”

House Bill 320 reduces property tax levies by 10% total (5% each year for two years) for all local governments, even home rule units of government.

The net effect of the measure will be a permanent 10% reduction in property taxes in Illinois in the next two years.

Property taxes would be permanently frozen after the 10% reduction and could only be raised if local voters approve an increase by referendum.

According to the most recent data available, Illinois has the second highest property tax rates in the country.

“We know property taxes in Illinois are too high,” McSweeney said.

“We know that people are leaving Illinois in droves in large part because the taxes are too high.

“Illinois lost nearly 45,000 people net last year alone.

“The longer we delay action on solving the property tax issue in Illinois, the more people are going to leave.

“We need to reverse this out-migration. It is time to lower property taxes permanently in Illinois.”

House Bill 320 has been introduced and awaits assignment to a House Committee.


David McSweeney Proposed 10% Real Estate Tax Cuts Over Two Years — 16 Comments

  1. The democrats in Illinois will never give even 0.00001% of property tax reduction.

    The new democrat progressives will take more of everything. EVERYTHING!

    Why work if you can get what you need for free just by voting democrat?

  2. Great idea – I agree property taxes are way too high in Illinois.

    How is he going to PAY for it???

    The $ has to come from somewhere.

    Does he plan to cut services?

  3. 10% ? – Not nearly enough to keep people from fleeing the tax shithole the DEMOCRATS
    have made the Land Of Lincoln.
    The Great Exodus shall continue unabated …
    Feeling somewhat “triggered”, Joey Blowhard ? MAGA#45

  4. School districts will have to cut staffs and/or give haircuts to all administrators and teachers.

  5. The real question is does this bill have any chance of passage or is it just another “headline bill” a la Jack Franks?

  6. Just remember it was Democrats AND Republicans who have robbed the State of Illinois coffers and left IOU’s that we now cannot pay.

    This was certainly a bipartisan theft!

  7. Propose propose propose, it means absolutely nothing Just more wasted air coming from another bloated politician

  8. HonestAbe1,

    Since McHenry County is basically Republican how can you blame democrats for our high real estate taxes?

  9. I found out yesterday night that KnownExtremist is actually Mike Walkup.

    It’s laughable how critical he is of Franks now, but never said a word collecting a county paycheck for months while on the board and living in Minnesota.

    Real profile of courage Mike aka KnownExtremist.

    Also, Mike, are you using an alias since you now lives in Minnesota?

    At least choose one that’s relevant because you are about as extreme as granola.

    Actually, that works – KnownGranola – You’re welcome, Mike.

  10. To address a few of the things brought up on this thread:

    1. No, this has no chance of passing. It’s your typical McSweeney gasbag trick. If they couldn’t get a property tax freeze last year, how are they going to get one that goes even further now that Dems have more seats in both chambers and the governor? Has no chance of passing but McSweeney can bang his fist about taxes and say he tried and that’s all he cares about.

    2. There is no McSweeney “paying” for it. A tax cut is balanced by spending cuts, something a lot of Republicans like to ignore. McSweeney wants to force local governments to cut taxes and have them figure out what spending to cut. This is a goofy idea for a few reasons

    a) Republicans are supposed to be for decentralization, not goobers in Springfield controlling our towns.

    b) This bill has no concern over the finances of local govs. Every one is different. Some places might be able to cut more than 10, some might not be able to cut ten without layoffs to teachers, police, firefighters. There are certain fixed costs, like pensions.Why is he using a one size fits all approach for a state as diverse as Illinois? Maybe he doesn’t get out of the mansions in Barrington often, but I’d encourage him to visit a trailer park near the Ohio River so he can find out what’s going to be cut.

    c)Why did he pick the number ten? It’s just an arbitrary number that sounds good. McSweeney, like Franks, likes to chase headlines. But at least Franks probably had some idea of how the county spends its money, unlike McSweeney proposing these numbers throughout the whole state. Another difference between Franks and McSweeney is that Franks can get what he wants passed; McSweeney is a politically impotent bag of hot air with no attention to detail and no consideration of the consequences of his poorly thought out bills.

  11. Michael, because a lot of Democrats are in local govt.

    They just ran as Republicans in order to win in a Republican county.

    We need to get rid of those RINOs.

  12. Since Fair Play outed Mike Walkup – I gotta ask the question….

    Why do most who post on this blog, use something other than their real name???

    Afraid folks will know your real views???

  13. First Amendment Rights for U.S. citizens guarantees freedom of speech. We see it practiced in many lawful ways including burning of the US flag ( which is ok per Supreme Court). When our laws are changed to require full identification of those marching in the streets of Chicago, DC and elsewhere to express their support for causes, views or ideas, then perhaps blogs will be required to identify commenters by legal names.

    If and when marchers and protesters in the streets HAVE to have their FULL legal names legibly shown on their backs, such as football players showing their last names on their backs, then blog commenters can also be identified.

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