Lincoln Day Dinner Scheduled for February 23rd Features Jeannie Ives

The McHenry County Republican Party is holding its Lincoln Day fundraiser at the Bull Valley Country Club on February 23rd.

Featured speaker will be Jeanne Ives, the woman who almost knocked Governor Bruce Rauner out of the box in the primary election.

The price is 100.

Here is the invitation:


Lincoln Day Dinner Scheduled for February 23rd Features Jeannie Ives — 10 Comments

  1. Nice! Wonder what the # of seating is…

    Can you pay at the door?

  2. I wonder if Jeanne Ives will have an announcement regarding her next step!

    Certainly want to keep her in politics fighting for the taxpayers.

    Run Jeanne, Run!

  3. Viva Jeanne Ives !

    A true Conservative above reproach.

    Feeling “triggered” yet, little Joey Blowhard ?

  4. Brettman was in the Metropolitan Correctional Center for contempt of court when, as Carpentersville Village President in the 1970’s, he would not issue building permits for a housing developer who was going to dump sewage into the Fox River.

    Intervention came from the U.S. Attorney General.

  5. Will proceeds be going for the legal expenses of the Republican Party since they seem to be embroiled in all types of litigation and have serious issues with the state board of elections?

    Why did Rachel Lawrence resign as treasurer and what the party is covering up?

    Has party has amended their filings with the state board of elections?

    I hope our sunshine blogger follows up….

  6. @tom

    Actually little tommy the food in Federal prison is pretty good.

    I’d douubt you’d know though, because as they say “if you don’t stand for something you’ll stand for anything.

  7. Count me out. The GOP is dead in IL.

    I’m waiting on a real party to emerge not the one of RINOs like Althoff, Brady, Rauner & Reick

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