Re-Run: Tribune Features Problem 1994 Skinner Legislation on Gathering Information on Teacher Sex/Physical Abuse Would Have Solved

This weekend the Tribune highlighted the problem of school districts not being able to find out if prospective teachers had been found to have sexually abused students.

In 2009, eight years after bringing too many boxes home my legislative office, I was doing some throwing away.

I found a roll call on an amendment I offered on June 7, 1994. It was my second year of the second half of my 16-year legislative career.

The bill was about education, so I filed an amendment that would require the DCFS to

  • “maintain a central registry of all cases in which the Director of Children and Family Services, following an investigation and hearing as provided in this Act or the Department’s rules, determines that a person who is certified as a school teacher or administrator in Illinois is a perpetrator of sexual or physical abuse of a child,
  • “the Department shall send the name of such person, by mail, to the chief administrator and president of the school board of each school district in this state and to the chief education officer of each state, the District of Columbia, and each territory of the United States.

“The Department shall make available to members of the public, upon request and without charge, copies of any information contained in the register maintained under this Section.”

I think the amendment was inspired by a former principal of Lundahl Junior High School in Crystal Lake named Virgil Lauglin, who led one of my honorary pages into a life of homosexuality, even molesting him in his Lundahl office, but it may have been a teacher there whom DCFS found had abused a student either sexually or physically or both.

When the “problem” with the principal was discovered, he was allowed to quietly resign and move to Iowa.

Exporting such “problems” or covering them up since then would have been a lot more difficult had my amendment be adopted in 1994.

Needless to say, the teachers’ unions killed the bill.

Only two besides myself were brave enough to vote for it: Bernie Pedersen and Al Salvi. Two, Terry Parke and future Congressman Jerry Weller, voted “Present.”

One of the best pieces of legislation I ever lost and earned me membership in Mike Madigan’s
“Hundred Club,” bills that received over 100 “No” votes.


Re-Run: Tribune Features Problem 1994 Skinner Legislation on Gathering Information on Teacher Sex/Physical Abuse Would Have Solved — 17 Comments

  1. Our sunshine blogger has a very close relationship with DCFS…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. The DEMOCRATS war on children coverup has finally been exposed,
    and so has the CTU and their predatory pedophile membership.

  3. I remember 1994 very well, The Teacher’s Union went full force, to Cover Up, Combat, and Lobby to stop any protections for the children or their families, for telling the Truth.

    Al Salvi, Cal Skinner did their best, considering they were up against thugs who would say or do anything, to detract from Child Abuse In The Classroom.

    Angel we are ready for you!

    You have the Right To Remain Silent.

  4. Cal, Cal, Cal ….. If only they’d listened to your Reason.

  5. Hey Cindy, that’s what the Third-Worldization of the USA is all about.

    Take a good, hard look at Harvard, Illinois …. or I should say, what’s left of it.

  6. Wonder what the data shows. Who has violated children to a greater extent? Priests or lay teachers?

  7. I’m shocked that pedophiles would be attracted to the government schools business.

  8. Little Tommy Snowflake does not like the truth being told about
    the DEMOCRATS war on children.

    Like Joey Blowhard, the truth ALWAYS “triggers” his guilty conscience.

  9. The concept of having legislation to share information on this issue makes perfect sense.

    I was commenting on your racist and bigoted crew.

  10. The honesty of both the national liberals and the local liberals is refreshing and appreciated.

    While the national liberal crowd is standing up proudly for socialism and open murder, local liberal commenters on this blog are coming out in support of pedophilic predators in schools.

    God bless them for their candor.

    The next legal test will be to see if abortion at the 160th trimester and beyond is legal.

    Perhaps the liberals will allow open slave markets for sexual predators to be allowed to come out from the shadows into the non judgemental light of their embrace so as to have safe spaces to rape children.

    At this point we know no party affiliation is a golden stamp of decency, service and country before self acts.

    This said, no Democrat can stand up and say they are pro American values.

    Democrats can’t even say they want to protect their neighbor.

    Democrats, as a Party, are now actively working against Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Democrats, particularly and uniquely, believe children are not a precious innocent life to be protected but a commodity which should be exploited at every age(even in the womb) for profit.

    Democrats are openly under the belief and impression you will not protect your children or those of your neighbors because you are cattle to be slaughtered for their pleasure.

    You all have the clearest choice in personal future since the Revolution.

    Accept slavery and death for yourself and your children or realize you still are Citizens who have the power to destroy the Democrats who desire this for you.

    We applaud the Citizens but do not envy their choices.

  11. Liberals and Democrats are quick to accuse others of racism when IN FACT their people have been and are the worst. Witness the 3 top racist politicians in the Virginia government. Recall Democrat US Senator Robert Byrd and his history of being a klan recruiter. Recall Democrat Governor George Wallace. Recall in 2007 Joe Biden’s racist remarks about African Americans with regard to comments on Senator Obama.

  12. Correction. Of the 3 top Democratic politicians in Virginia, only 2 of them did racist acts. The other one is being accused by a woman of sexual assault. Perhaps this guy is emulating the behavior of other prominent Democratic men who have been accused by many women of sexual assault such as Bill Clinton and Hollywood Harvey Weinstein.

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