McHenry County College President’s Salary $248,885

Clint Gabbard

In the press release about the new contract for McHenry County College President Clint Gabbard the new compensation information was omitted.

Here’s the relevant part of the new contract, which gives him

  • 2019 salary of $248,885
  • 3% per year raises
  • full health, dental and vision coverage for himself and family’\
  • $500 a month for vehicle expenses
  • 100% match for annuity contributions
  • laptop computer and high speed internet access at home
  • business expenses, including cell phone
  • reimbursements for conventions, seminars, etc.
  • association and club membership dues


McHenry County College President’s Salary $248,885 — 4 Comments

  1. You have to wonder about clause 2. Salary increases should not be automatic. These should be based on results and tied to metrics. The President should have to prove each year that his competence, leadership skills, actions and decisions resulted in improvement of certain metrics. Metrics could be reduction of costs and expenses, improvement in outcomes of the overall student universe. Conversely, if metrics show deterioration, then salary should at least stay constant or perhaps be reduced. We taxpayers should demand no less.

  2. Bred – agree. You have to be very careful what you measure.

    When a person’s compensation is tied to a specific set of numbers or metrics said person will be sure to focus the organization in such a way to ensure those metrics are hit.

    Reducing cost and expenses are good, but you need a corresponding quality measure to balance against the cost savings.

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