Senator Wilcox “NV” on $15 Minimum Wage Bill SB1 – Broken Arm Update

Craig Wilcox

State Senator Craig Wilcox writes the following about his missed vote:

“I broke my arm enroute to Springfield Mon and am back in McHenry preparing for surgery.

“I participated all week via BlueRoomStream videos and phone calls but that precludes me from voting on the floor, which the painkillers would also require avoiding that role.”

In any event, just like a “Present” vote, not voting has the same effect as voting “No.”

That’s because the State Constitution requires a specific number of votes to approve legislation measures.

Freshman Senator Only Republican To Not Vote No

SB1 which would gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 in 2025 passed the Illinois Senate on mostly party lines.

Senator Wilcox broke with Republicans not voting against or for for the bill.

Results of the Senate vote on SB1 of the 101st General Assembly.


Senator Wilcox “NV” on $15 Minimum Wage Bill SB1 – Broken Arm Update — 19 Comments

  1. I’m guessing he’s gathering support for his leg., requiring Illinois Business to offer free Goat Yoga for all employees.

  2. According to NW Herald reports Senator Wilcox suffered a broken arm as a result of an accident and could not make vote.

  3. Wilcox broke his arm and left Springfield Monday according to the Northwest Herald.

    Why he couldn’t make it back to session by Thursday is anybody’s guess.

    Those union dollars Wilcox needs?

  4. NW Herald reports this morning that Wilcox broke his arm and was in McHenry.

    Wilcox made a statement that he would have voted N if he could have been there.

  5. This is so very kind to allow the six years for small businesses(the #1 employer) the opportunity to automate/move states/fire inexperienced trainees to hire experienced workers while allowing big business the time to donate to campaigns to get more corporate tax breaks.

    What would we do without the most moronic among us taking leadership roles in this kleptocracy?

    I guess we could just giggle at their ad hominem attacks in comment sections of blogs?

  6. When I talked to hi today, he sounded like he was checking out of the hospital.

  7. Newsflash: they have interns to vote as directed.

    He doesn’t need arms.

  8. Did RINO Brady (Senate GOP Misleader) twist too hard to try and get him to vote for the nutty proposal?

  9. The county board allows remote attendance for medical reasons.

  10. Winter, Senator Bill Brady voted no.

    It says in the article no Republican voted for it, and it even shows the roll call.

  11. Just because the County can do it doesn’t mean every jurisdiction can vote remotely and that includes the state.

    How many times did Franks leave the room so he wouldn’t have to vote on a particular bill!

    And he was in the same building/town!

    Plus if Wilcox goes and votes on the floor with, I would guess serious pain killers, everyone would be up in arms about that with impaired judgement.

    Such a stupid debate!

    He said he would vote NO if he would have been there.

    Wonder if anyone will call Franks out and ask him what he thinks of the new $15 minimum wage proposed by J.B.!

  12. They cannot vote remotely using interns or some other remote form.

    The answer was ‘No’ .

    That is only at the Federal level.

    Now we know!

    Furthermore, I’d rather he be there any day over who ran against him!

    Hoping he heals quickly.

  13. Well Shut My Mouth!

    Sorry about my earlier comment then.

    Get well soon, Craig Wilcox!!!

  14. They don’t have qualified doctors, orthopedic surgeons and hospitals in the state capital?

  15. My bad, he was on the way to Springfield, not in Springfield.
    I apologize.

  16. Even if he was in Springfield, that place is sub par in so many ways. Probably would opt to go elsewhere and be smart to do so!

  17. Maybe he can get out of paying more taxes because of his arm. He’s already on disability and doesn’t pay property taxes.

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