Three Vacuum Cleaners Stolen from Harvard Walmart

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 01-29-19 at 1719 hrs, a Walmart Employee (m-52 yoa), [address redacted] Harvard reported that on 01-24-19 at approximately 0050 hrs an
unknown female subject entered the store and removed three various vacuum cleaners having a total value of $596.56 without paying for them.

Under Investigation


Three Vacuum Cleaners Stolen from Harvard Walmart — 10 Comments

  1. Monday, September 29, 2008
    Illegal Aliens Caught Shoplifting from Wal-Mart
    California — On Sept. 25, St. Mary’s Sheriff Dfc. J. Logalbo responded to Wal-Mart in California for a report of a shoplifter.

    Investigation revealed Elmer Garcia, 20 of Great Mills and Edgar Caceres-Funez, 26 of Great Mills, stole a pair of “George” earrings. Elmer Garcia and Edgar Caceres-Funez were arrested for theft.

    Further investigation revealed both Elmer Garcia and Edgar Caceres-Funez were illegal immigrants from Guatemala.

    Garcia and Caceres-Funez are currently incarcerated in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center on $3,500 bond each for the theft charges.

    In addition, Immigration & Customs Enforcement were notified. Elmer Garcia & Edgar Caceres-Funez are also being held on charges/detainer’s filed by ICE.

  2. Just curious- is there a reason you run so many “stories” on thefts from the Harvard Walmart?

    I’ve never seen any other Wal-Mart locations or other retailers.

    Surely Target and Meijer have thefts?

  3. Harvard gives more detail on stores robbed than other polilce departments.

    Crystal Lake, for example, gives no clue.

  4. “Unknown female subject entered the store….”

    Who or what observed the female subject entering the store? An employee, a customer, store security cameras with dvr’s? If someone or cameras observed the subject, what are the characteristics of said subject? Tall, short, average, fat, average, skinny, clothing, race/ethnicity, color of hair and/or hair style, cap or hat worn, what color, jacket or coat, what color, tattoos on face, hands, neck, earings on ears or ring in nose, etc? Is this what police normally ask in an investigation of a crime by a perp? Should the public be aware of this description to possibly help the police?

  5. Gotta be politically correct, don’t you know. Can’t state their race or complexion “because stating facts is now Racist!”

  6. Joey “Blowhard” Kvidera is curious.

    There are no Targets or Meijers in Harvard.

  7. Yes Abe there aren’t but there certainly are some in McHenry County.

    So i wondered, why the focus on one store in one town?

    I asked, Cal answered.

    Not sure why that makes me a “blowhard.”

  8. But Joe, c’mon, you’re not denying you are, indeed, a blowhard; are you?

  9. Blowhard “a person who blusters and boasts in an unpleasant way.”

    I guess blowhardiness must be in the eye of the beholder.

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