Defenders Snowy Cleanup

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

With a break in the frigid cold, a group from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County were able to hold their planned restoration workday on Defenders’ property on Dean Street in Woodstock on Saturday, February 2.

The group continued the project of invasive plant removal and started to burn piles previously removed. Enjoyed by all were hot & cold drinks, brownies and s’mores.

From L to R: Nancy Schietzelt, Kristen Bortolotti Ducci, Randy Schietzelt, Austin Tipper, Marianne Fontes, David Ducci and at front, Kennett Ducci and Cindy Skrukrud. Photo by Cynthia Kanner


Defenders Snowy Cleanup — 12 Comments

  1. Interesting how because they are “ defenders “they can burn brush anytime and the rest of us in the unicorparated part of the county have to follow the rules set forth by the health department.

  2. Grumpy Grandpa – Be very careful when you criticize the “Defenders” or
    you just might “trigger” Joey “Blowhard” K.

    You wouldn’t want to suffer the wrath of his superior intellect.

  3. A property owner can burn landscape waste any time of the year if the fire is more than 500′ from a habitable structure.

    The waste has to be burned on the property where it was generated.

    There is also a special exemption in the ordinance for habitat reclamation.

  4. Ideally, invasive plants such as buckthorn should be removed by pulling up the entire plant including all roots. There is a tool with a big handle and jaws at the base that is used to grab the plant at ground level and pull up and out roots and all. Two sizes of the tool. The bigger one is over 5 feet tall. Can’t imagine using this type of tool when ground is frozen. After the plant is pulled out, let it dry out and then burn it when legally allowed by the county.

  5. Defenders can put me down, for one of those cars powered by farting cows.

  6. Why are they huddled around that dead tree?

    Did they hug it to death?

    Is that little kid OK?

  7. Pulling buckthorn etc. by the roots disturbs the soil welcoming more invasives which tend to prefer disturbed soil. Cutting and treating the outside ring of live wood with herbicide is the method used in the ecological restoration field and by the defenders.

  8. Prarie Burner? Which shows how utterly stupid “ecological” thinkers are. Herbicides like Roundup are death to all living species. No wonder the planet is dying with clear thinkers like this on the loose. Only God can save us from the mess humans have made here.

  9. Many years ago, the Defenders located in downtown Woodstock on the Square advocated pulling up buckthorn that was two inches in diameter or less. They rented out tools called weed wrench that had jaws at the bottom to grab onto the plant at the base. I had removed numerous of these buckthorn plants and then did not have a problem later with regrowth. Many reputable botanical organization web sites recommend the weed tool for plants 2 inch in diameter or less.

    The weed wrench would not be able to pull up buckthorn with trunks 2 inch and larger and therefore cutting at the base and using a herbicide would be the practical method.

  10. You people are stupid! Practical? We are talking death of ALL species! (And yes, that includes YOUR grandchildren!) This blog has become a nest of stupid, ignorant backward dreamers. Cognitive dissonance is written all over your sleeping faces.

  11. God bless you, Billy Bob, but I am not actually posting again. I miss the handful of people on here that have integrity, but the fools that try to stab you in the back while murmuring insanely have shown me that this is NOT a place to spend any of my precious time (other than reading a few of my friend’s comments). It matters naught.

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