More on Jack Franks’ Riding Roughshod over County Board Members’ Rights

KnowExtremist, a commenter, adds this bit of history of Jack Franks’ usurping County Board members’ authority:

Jack Franks in an “I’m in charge” mode.

Additionally, the former Management Services committee, which was traditionally charged with Rules rewrites at the beginning of each new two year Board term, was thwarted in its attempts to write Rules changes which would have tried to address some of the Franks maneuvers, such as specifying that ad hoc committees could not be created without Board approval.

However, each time the committee tried to put the item on their committee agenda, it was prevented by Franks directing Peter Austin not to list it in the online meeting notices.

This was a clear violation of Board Rules as interpreted by the States Attorney.

Nevertheless, it persisted, with Austin refusing to follow the committee directives.

A Special Meeting could have been called but by that time it was apparent that Franks would have enough votes on the now cowed full Board to introduce amendments from the floor that could give him even more powers while defeating attempts to curb his powers, so the effort was abandoned.

You have to give the guy credit.

He is a Master.


More on Jack Franks’ Riding Roughshod over County Board Members’ Rights — 5 Comments

  1. Kind readers, please don’t forget Mike Walkup is KnownExtremist.

    Here is a guy who tried to take away Chairman’s appointment powers to commissions because it was the 62nd day, not 60th day after taking office.

    Walkup accomplished nothing on the board because he was petty and only cared about obstructing good government.

    Taxpayers should be glad he moved to Minnesota but not before bilking us for pay and health insurance while he lived out of state.

    Good riddance Walkup. Go away.

    You ran the worst, dishonest embarrassing, campaign and because of you, Franks won.

  2. ‘Good Government’?

    Franks isn’t about ‘good govt!’

    He’s about HIMSELF and his own financial and political interests at the taxpayers expense.

    Franks spent $400K to Walkup’s $17K on a campaign for a position that pays $80K.

    That should tell you a lot!

    Yes Mike was not the best but Walkup actually DID cut taxes while on the board!

    Our county would’ve been better off with him rather than Franks, the self-serving ass of a typical Bullshitting politician we have in there now!

  3. It is the hallmark of Jack Franks and his nameless minions on this blog to try to attack whoever they think is the messenger rather than say anything at all about the message and try to change the subject.

    Only Franks or someone directed by him to do so would remember an obscure reference like the one mentioned.

    For the record, the state statute says that appointments to fill vacancies SHALL be made within 60 days of the declaration of the vacancy.

    “Shall” usually means “shall”.

    Even the States’ Attorney could not answer that question.

    Meanwhile, the facts recited in the republished comment have not thus far been addressed let alone refuted.

    Let’s hear that please.

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