CL Council Aspirant Robert Miller Sends Thanks

From Robert Miller, the man who filed petitions for the Crystal Lake City Council, but was kicked off the ballot for not meeting the requirement of filing his Statement of Economic Interest in a timely manner:


Robert Miller filing petitions for Crystal Lake City Council. Photo credit: Dianne Miller.

I’m Robert S Miller, I want to publicly recognize and thank my friends, neighbors and everyone else who supported my attempt to get on the April 2nd ballot for City Council in Crystal Lake.

Frivolous challenges to my nominating petitions were filed by three incumbents.

The Crystal Lake Electoral Board upheld one of their petty objections and removed me from the ballot.

My appeal went to the 22nd Circuit Court.

Unfortunately, the Judge in that Court didn’t feel that he had authority to revise filing dates due to weather related closings.

The only reason my name won’t appear on the ballot is because the McHenry County Clerk’s office was closed on Monday November 26, 2018, due to weather.

Keeping qualified candidates off the ballot has been the preferred method of voter suppression used by our incumbents for years.

This election is a sad comment on our state of government in Crystal Lake, there are three City Council openings and the Mayor is also up for re-election.

Crystal Lake’s population is over 40,000.

Regretfully, only one citizen made an attempt to run for any of the four elected offices, me.

I didn’t do it alone.

The psychological and financial support of my family and friends made my campaign and legal battle possible.

Their support kept my spirits up and reinforced my will to continue the fight to get on the ballot and finally give the citizens of Crystal Lake a choice on Election Day.

Hopefully, more citizens will take an interest in their local government in the future.

While Crystal Lake is a nice place, it has its problems and issues.

New ideas and visions for our future can be embraced and advanced by citizens and elected officials when people feel like they are being included.

Keeping the same people in power encourages complacency and certainly doesn’t insure good government.

I hope to see more citizens at Crystal Lake City Council meetings.

If you can’t go, watch them on cable TV.

Lastly, thanks to the NW Herald for their honest coverage of our campaign.


CL Council Aspirant Robert Miller Sends Thanks — 3 Comments

  1. I would have liked to see him on the ballot so voters had more choices, but the guy should have looked up a forecast.

    That storm didn’t come out of nowhere and everyone knew it was gonna be a big one.

    He’ll never be able to win if he runs because people won’t trust handing over the keys to the city to a guy who couldn’t spend two minutes looking up a weather forecast.

    It shows a lack of planning for something that should have been taken seriously.

    Reminds me of candidates turning in the bare minimum of signatures, being challenged, and grumbling about being removed.

    If you want to “fight the city,” be organized not SLOPPY!

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  3. During the 1967 blizzard, my Treasurer’s Office was open and there was no deadline for payment.

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