Illinois House Democrats Ignore that Susan B. Anthony Was Pro-Life

Illinois House Democrats observed Susan B. Anthony’s birthday with the following Tweet:

Funny how the Democrats forgot to remind people that Susan B. Anthony was opposed to abortion.

Or maybe not.

There is a Political Action Committee which supports Pro-Life candidates called the Susan B. Anthony Fund.


Illinois House Democrats Ignore that Susan B. Anthony Was Pro-Life — 10 Comments

  1. It is not funny because it is not true.

    Susan B. Anthony has no recorded opinion on abortion.

    Some scholars have tried over the years to attribute certain writings of hers as being pro-choice but nothing conclusive as they are either anonymous opinion pieces or direct quotes that are too vague to be interpreted as references to abortion.

    The fact is that there is no record of her being pro-choice nor anti-abortion.

    The fact that there is a PAC named after her again does not prove that she had an opinion either way.

    She was a radical feminist for her times but also a hard conservative when it came to things such as alcohol.

    One thing that can be said for the Democrat’s tweet: It is completely true. You can not say the same thing for this blog post.

  2. “Or maybe not.” As in “Susan B. Anthony was opposed to abortion….or maybe not? ”

    I think the only real case you can make about SBA’s abortion views is that it certainly wasn’t among her primary concerns.

  3. More nonsensical babbling is the only case you can make about Joey Blowhard.

    Are you “triggered”, Joey Blowhard ?

    So sad to be you.

  4. Joe-

    The obvious point of the blog post was that SBA was anti-abortion and that it is “funny” how the Democrats forgot to remind people of her views. The “Or maybe not” is clearly in reference to the fact that the poster believes this is “funny”, or maybe not. The point was to spread disinformation about Susan B. Anthony’s views. Hammering home this point by referencing a pro-life PAC that is named after her.

    In all fairness maybe the democrats should have stated that on top of being for women’s rights ect. they should have mentioned that she was completely uninterested in abortion. That would have been funny.

    Susan B Anthony – Civil Right Hero (who could not have cared less about abortion). Would have gotten some laughs.

  5. Thanks Sword… and what, exactly, does that have to do with anti-choice folks pretending that Susan B Anthony agreed with them?

  6. Tynwald I welcome actual dialogue for once!
    My “or maybe not” referred to SBA probably not being prolife. The evidence she was is an anonymous editorial attributed to her that would be her only public comment on the issue. Anthony was not known for being a wilting flower- it’s hard to picture her holding a view she’d not publicly proclaim.

    I have no idea why anyone would name a Pro-life PAC after someone who spent precisely none of her energy on the issue.

  7. meanwhile Democrats are moving the needle even further to the left on abortion in multiple states and have legislation pending in Illinois where they have supermajorities in both chambers and the governor.

    But, hey, at least you triggered the liberal snowflakes about a poster involving a woman who’s been dead for 113 years…

  8. Two abortion expansion bills were introduced in the 101st Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) this week.


    Illinois Family Institute

    February 14, 2019

    by Kathy Valente

    House Bill 2495 (HB 2495) –

    “…will repeal the 1975 Illinois Abortion law; will repeal the Partial Birth Abortion ban; and will remove any and all regulations for clinics that commit abortions.”

    – – – – – – –

    House Bill 2467 (HB 2467) – “…will repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, which only requires notification — not consent.


    Both bills were introduced in the State House on February 13, 2019 and are currently in the House Rules committee.

    HB 2495 has many 41 House sponsors; none from McHenry County.

    HB 2467 currently has two House sponsors.

    There are 118 Representative in the State House.

    Those are the words of the article’s writer.

    The wording of the bills and other particulars is found here: > Bills & Resolutions

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