McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum on House Floor

David McSweeney

State Rep. David McSweeney succeeded in getting his McHenry County township elimination bill after passage of a referendum out of the Committee on Counties and Townships.

He is the Republican Spokesman on that committee.

The vote was 11-4-1.

The bill was put on the short debate calendar, meaning the number of legislators allowed to speak on the merits or demerits of the bill is quite limited.


McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum on House Floor — 11 Comments

  1. House Bill 348 (HB 348) in the 101st General Assembly.


    State of Illinois

    General Assembly

    House Committee Roll Call

    Counties and Townships

    House Bill No. 348

    McHenry [County] Twp & Dist Dissolution

    Do Pass – Short Debate

    Hearing Date: February 14, 2019, Room 122B Capitol Building, 9:30AM

    11 Yeas

    4 Nays

    1 Present

    1 Not Voting

    Avery Bourne, 95th District, Assistant Republican Leader, Litchfield office (Montgomery County) – Nay

    Dan Brady, 105th District, Deputy Republican Leader, Normal office (McLean County) – Yay

    Jonathan Carroll, 57th District, Democrat, Northbrook Office (Cook County) – Yay

    Daniel Didech, 59th District, Democrat, Buffalo Grove Office (Cook & Lake County) – Yay

    LaToya Greenwood, 114th District, Democrat, East St. Louis office (St. Clair & Madison County) – Yay

    Brad Halbrook, 102nd District, Republican, Shelbyville office (Shelby County) – Yay

    Natalie Manley, 98th District, Democrat, Assistant Majority Leader (Romeoville office (Will County – Yay

    Michael T Marron, 104th District, Republican, Danville office (Vermilion County) – Nay

    Dave McSweeney, 52nd District, Republican, Cary office (McHenry and Lake County) – Yay

    Martin J Moylan, 55th District, Democrat, Des Plaines office (Cook County) – Present

    Mark L Walker, 53rd District, Democrat, Arlington Heights office (Cook County) – Yay

    Lawrence Walsh Jr, 86th District, Democrat, Joliet office (Will and Kendall County) – Nay

    Tom Weber, 64th District, Republican, Fox Lake office (Lake and McHenry County) – Not Voting (Did not vote)

    Emanuel Chris Welch, 7th District, Democrat, Westchester office (Cook County) – Nay

    David A Welter, 75th District, Republican, Morris office (Grundy County) – Yay

    Kathleen Willis, 77th District, Democrat, Northlake office (Cook County) – Yay

    Sam Yingling, 62nd District, Democrat, Round Lake Beach office (Lake County) – Yay > Bills & Resolutions > House Bills > 0301 – 0400 > HB 0348 > Votes > Committee Hearing Votes (House) > HB 0348 – Counties & Townships – Feb 14, 2019

  2. Township costs on our real estate tax bills is not significant. The real problem on our tax bills, about 70 percent overall, is excessive salary and benefits of school district employees as well as huge redundancy in administrative staffs. We need haircuts in salaries and benefits as well as elimination of redundant administration through consolidation.

  3. Townships are the most obvious and useless local body.

    A sleazy den of nepotism, waste, pension fraud and indolence.

    Good job McSweeney!

  4. Re: “Townships are the most obvious and useless local body.”


    If true, ask yourself:

    Why is that?

    Answer: Springfield legislators like McSweeney made it that way by creating Highway Commissioner dictatorships!!

    Townships verify legal residency prior to providing ‘Assistance’ – McHenry County and the State do absolutely not.

    The level of ignorance which resides in the public voting body has created the current dysfunctional governments in our State.

    Overall taxes in this State keep increasing and if this practice is not stopped it will only get worse due to pension promises in the public sector.

    The voters just elected a governor who PROMISED to raise taxes even more!

    So, the voters decided!!

    Property taxes outside of Chicago are extremely high because the rest of the State subsidizes Chicago schools were property taxes are almost one third of what they are in McHenry.

    Classic example of the ineptness of Springfield Legislators, Video Gaming removed $70,000,000 from Casino tax income which USED to go to the schools and now goes to your municipality and the State General Fund!!

    Half baked Legislation like the McSweeney bills will only make the problem worse.

    Ask yourself, what benefit will I gain if the Township is absorbed by the County which has double the compensation rates? The only beneficiary will be U-Haul, Atlas and yes, other elected officials.

    Oh, if Franks has his way (with the support of McSweeney, he will also control when Township Roads get plowed – or not.

    Have a problem with your Township?

    Do what Grafton did, get better candidates and put them in office.

  5. You’re glad that township property that township taxpayers paid for will go to the county?

    You’re glad that township road work would be taken over by municipalities and cost Union wages and pensions????

    This will not produce savings but will cost more and put power into one person’s hands.

    You think nepotism and patronage are bad now???

    wait til Franks sees opportunity to hire his family and friends and campaign workers and this time he wouldn’t even have to write a letter to the governor with his demands.

    This will not be good govt!!!

  6. Questioning…Weber did not vote because the Bill was only voted on in Committe to which Weber is not part. The bill goes to the floor now for its three rounds of debate and vote by the whole body.

  7. Re: “Weber did not vote because the Bill was only voted on in Committe to which Weber is not part.”

    Really? As posted by Mark and confirmed on the State Assemble website, Weber is on the Counties & Townships Committee and is shown as not voting. He is not marked absent but is recorded as not voting.

  8. Questioning…I totally blew that one.

    Guess the coffee hadn’t kicked in.

    Good question why didn’t Weber Vote?

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