Defenders Plan to Lobby County Board

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

Stand up for Climate Solutions

The McHenry County Chapter for Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL)  is asking members of the McHenry County board to endorse the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763).

We need you to come to the county board meeting to support the CCL members who will be making public comments about the bill. Let’s show our elected officials this bill has community support.

Time to advocate!

Plan to attend and share with family and friends:
7 p.m. February 19
McHenry County Government Center
2200 North Seminary Ave., Woodstock

Arriving 10-15 minutes early is advised. For details about the bill:


Defenders Plan to Lobby County Board — 8 Comments

  1. 1. The bill is dumb.
    2. The bill is federal — no reason to talk to a county board.
    3. They should talk to Casten and Underwood, the only people in congress who represent McHenry County.
    4. Do they have some reason to doubt that these two Democrats will vote against this bill? Casten made it a big priority to save the environment.
    5. If these two do oppose the bill, isn’t it more likely they’ll do so because the bill doesn’t go far enough? Some of its cosponsors include Charlie Christ and Dan Lipinski, not exactly far left Democrats. There’s even a Republican cosponsor.
    6. Is this just some elaborate way to allow 2020 Democratic county board candidates to screech that their opponents hate the environment because they didn’t do enough to save the environment, i.e. publicly begging Democrats in congress to pass federal legislation?
    7. Can they stop wasting everybody’s time virtue signaling about muh trees and go pick up the heaps of trash strewn all across the sides of roads?

    Absolute clownworld. We wouldn’t have tolerated this in the good old days!

  2. Climate change is cyclical and the needle isn’t moved by man.

  3. Another crazy proposal from 13 goofball Democrats and one Republican. Within the Democrat group is a moron from GA who feared that the island of Guam would tip over and capsize when he questioned U.S. Admiral Willard of the Pacific Command during a House Committee meeting.

    Johnson: This is a[n] island that at its widest level is what … twelve miles from shore to shore? And at its smallest level … uh, smallest location … it’s seven miles between one shore and the other? Is that correct?

    Willard: I don’t have the exact dimensions, but to your point, sir, I think Guam is a small island.

    Johnson: Very small island, about twenty-four miles, if I recall, long, twenty-four miles long, about seven miles wide at the least widest place on the island and about twelve miles wide on the widest part of the island, and I don’t know how many square miles that is. Do you happen to know?

    Willard: I don’t have that figure with me, sir, I can certainly supply it to you if you like.

    Johnson: Yeah, my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.

    Willard: We don’t anticipate that … the Guam population I think currently about 175,000 and again with 8,000 Marines and their families it’s an addition of about 25,000 more into the population.

  4. Is this group ALSO working with Franks and McSweeney and now apparently Althoff to distract people from the REAL issue facing McHenry County as Cal just pointed out by re-priortizing a prior post?

  5. Here’s how the “dividend” works: They tax carbon, the tax will get passed on to you in the form of increased gasoline and electricity prices, then you get a check with the money they collected from the tax they collected from the petrol industries who increased the prices on you.

  6. These so-called anti-carbon people are very dangerous to the U.S. in that there are millions of goofy low information and useful idiot citizens who could be easily conned into stupidly supporting their do-gooder schemes. These low carbon people have ZERO plans to safely transition to green schemes that would not adversely impact the economy of the U.S. These low carbon people are a fraud and really have no viable detailed plans that would not hurt the economy or well being of the U.S. Windmills and solar are only 3 percent of electricity production in the U.S. and are NOT a reliable source of electricity. Responsible and patriotic Americans should shun these low-carbon people who lack credibility by virtue of their total lack of credible plans and details.

  7. Are they going to lobby to make McHenry County a Sanctuary County too?

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