Homeland Security’s Take on Bill Congress Passed and the President Signed

From the Department of Homeland Security:

Secretary Nielsen Statement on FY19 Homeland Security Funding Bill and National Emergency Declaration

WASHINGTON – Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen released the following statement on the signing of the legislation that funds the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and on the President’s declaration of a national emergency:

“The legislation passed by both chambers of Congress and signed today by the President gives the Department of Homeland Security critical funding to protect the homeland, including some resources to secure our borders and enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

“It increases the DHS overall budget by $1.7 billion, including

  • $1.375 billion to build new border barriers where our frontline personnel need it most, and contains no restrictions on total barrier mileage.

The legislation also includes

  • $415 million in humanitarian assistance to address the serious crisis at our southern border,
  • 4,754 additional beds for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain illegal aliens humanely and keep our citizens safe, and
  • $570 million for specialized screening equipment at our Ports of Entry to detect illegal drugs and human smuggling.

Moreover, the bill provides additional resources to combat

  • child exploitation,
  • human trafficking,
  • transnational criminal organizations, and
  • other cross-border criminal activity.

“Finally, the bill

  • funds the Coast Guard’s Polar Security Cutter,
  • increases important funding for the newly created Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and
  • provides funding for 200 computed tomography machines that will help our dedicated TSA employees keep our skies safe.

“But the legislation doesn’t provide everything we need, and it gets nowhere close to completely solving the serious humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.

“Time and again, Congress has failed to fully fund DHS to confront this situation and to handle the influx of aliens, drugs, and other illicit traffic into our country. That is why I strongly support the President’s decision to unlock additional funding for physical barriers, including resources from the Department of Treasury and the Department of Defense. Moreover, I applaud the President’s decision to declare a national emergency.  This is a crisis—pure and simple—and we need to respond accordingly.  We cannot standby as our border security is further compromised and our immigration laws are exploited.  Now is the time to act and to uphold our fundamental responsibility to our citizens and our nation to safeguard U.S. territory.”


Homeland Security’s Take on Bill Congress Passed and the President Signed — 5 Comments

  1. A very good statement from the Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen. As head of that agency, it is she who is most knowledgeable about the problems with people who invade our border for various reasons such as drugs and human trafficing. The least knowledgable people on the matter are members of Congress who have blocked legislation that would have provided more funds for walls, barriers, more border patrol agents, more judges, etc.

    Since the 1970’s, each of our past presidents have declared national emergencies for various reasons. Following is a list:


    Looking through that list, the current Emergency by Trump easily qualifies as an emergency given the ongoing threat to the safety and security of American citizens.

    You have to wonder if top Democrats such as Pelosi and Schumer who have blocked funds to stop illegal aliens and invaders are American patriots? Are they the enemies of we law abiding citizens of the U.S.? Also, Democrat mayors and governors who have declared their cities and states as sanctuaries to illegal aliens and criminals have violated federal laws by those actions and should be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney General and be removed from office.

  2. 1.7 billion is a pretty small drop in the gargantuan federal budget.

    As the country falls apart, more and more Whites will come to realize that they are doomed under the looming post-Trump tyranny.

    It won’t be pretty. Civil wars hardly ever are.

    If you can’t have defensible border, you can’t have a sovereign nation. Democrazy rules!

    The American nation died long, long ago, but the effects of that demise, were papered over by the Bush, Ryan, Romney fakes.

    Here’s a video gutter rats like public school social studies ‘teachers’ and total cultural aliens like our local Franks and his minions won’t like at all.

    But its truths can hardly any longer be suppressed.

    In fact, these human-toads would very much like to criminalize the mere viewing of it, which is exactly you should see it:


  3. ole’s swordy sure posts some interesting videos.

    I think he needs to lead this “civil war” that he is so sure is coming.

    He seems hell bent on predicting this antiAmerican event.

    What a kind lives life based on of fear and hate.

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